Accelerate solutions to climate change

Accelerate solutions to climate change

Slowing climate change means accelerating climate solutions. CCL Australia advocates for our Carbon Fee and Dividend  policy – a fee on carbon that returns net revenue directly to Australian households, leading to reduced carbon emissions and greater investment in renewable energy. Simple. Fair. Effective


Be part of the team that meets your MP in 2020

Be part of the team that meets your MP in 2020

CCL members meet with MPs from every political party. That’s because climate change is too important to leave to partisan politics. Democracy can put an end to climate change so this year we need you on our team  Join Us! 


About CCL Australia…



We Are Non-Partisan

Our group is open to all who are serious about climate change. You are welcome no matter where you live, what you wear, what you do for a living, or who you voted for in the last election. The climate emergency is too important to leave to partisan politics. Read more…



Common Values

We listen, we work to find common values, and we endeavour to understand our own biases. Our approach is to build consensus — that’s what will bring enduring change. Read more…



Our Climate Solution

We are focused on what we see as the single most impactful solution to climate change: a Carbon Fee and Dividend  policy. This will aid our transition away from fossil fuels and towards a renewable energy future. Read more…



What We Do

We are volunteer-driven — we write to, meet and talk with politicians, the public, business leaders, community leaders and the media to promote climate solutions. We use our voices to be heard. This simple act transforms us from spectators to engaged citizens, and reveals the true nature of democracy to us. Read more…



We offer different levels of involvement, from just dipping your feet in to full on engagement, action and volunteering.

If you are passionate about preventing the climate catastrophe, we want you on our team! Sign up now to join Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia as a member and volunteer and start taking action today. Click here…

Carbon Fee and Dividend


CCL’s key legislative proposal and the primary climate solution we lobby for is our Carbon Fee and Dividend. It is a market-based carbon pricing mechanism which aims to accelerate a reduction in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

It places a fee on the amount of carbon dioxide equivalents emitted by businesses or industry, in particular the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The net revenue collected would be returned directly to every citizen through monthly ‘dividend’ payments.

There are several benefits to this approach compared to other carbon pricing schemes. More info…


The NSW/ACT Conference was a great success, despite having to be moved online to ZOOM only a week beforehand due to precautions surrounding the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
In case you missed the Conference, or would like to watch it again, click here for the videos.

Introduction to Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia

Are you ready to take action on climate change?

CCL with Hon Angus Taylor MP

Member for Hume, Liberal Party

CCL with Dr Kerryn Phelps MP

Member for Wentworth, Independent

CCL with Ms Alicia Payne MP

Member for Canberra, Labor Party

CCL with Hon Mia Davies MLA

Member for Central Wheatbelt, Nationals Party

CCL with Rebekha Sharkie MP

Member for Mayo, Centre Alliance Party