100 Days for Australia to commit to Net Zero by 2050

100 Days for Australia to commit to Net Zero by 2050




100 Days for Australia to commit to Net Zero by 2050


July 23, 2021Today marks the official opening of the Tokyo Olympics and 100 days until the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. But will Australia be on the podium in Glasgow as we confidently predict for Tokyo?  Over the next 100 days, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia is hoping to nudge the Prime Minister and all Federal parliamentarians to make a dash for the Glasgow podium by  committing to net zero emissions by 2050. 

As Australians we pride ourselves on our sporting performance and this Olympics we’ll again be hoping our athletes do well. Australia ranked 10th at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games which was an amazing result for a country our size. 

But when it comes to the race to Net Zero Emissions, we aren’t doing so well. In fact the Sustainable Development Report 2021 ranked Australia last out of 193 United Nations member countries for action taken to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia, a non-partisan grassroots education and advocacy organisation will be mobilising its supporters through its 100 Days of Action Campaign. They will be  representing  the public will for net zero emissions by 2050 to the Federal Government  and  expressing the desire of most Australians and all Australian States and Territories to stand proudly in Glasgow  with the leading economies of the world.  

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is seeking a bipartisan federally legislated target of net zero emissions by 2050 (and preferably sooner), with a clearly documented process for achieving it presented by the Government at the Conference. 

`We think this period leading up to the conference in Glasgow provides a perfect opening for our Federal Government to transcend political expediency and make a commitment that has bipartisan support and  will endure any  changes of government over the next three decades’ said Rod Mitchell, National Chair.

The 100 Days of Action Campaign will roll out a series of advocacy actions among its 3000-plus  supporters over coming months starting with an online Petition.

‘And they are eagerly waiting at the starting blocks to get going’ Mitchell concluded.