13 June 2020 – Dr Efrat Eilam – Putting Climate Change into the School Curriculum

Dr Efrat Eilam

Dr Eilam is a senior lecturer at the College of Arts & Education, Victoria University.
She has been involved with recent research on what information and action is needed to properly educate students on Climate Change, especially given the urgency of the crisis.
Her joint study, titled Climate Change Education: Mapping the Nature of Climate Change, the Content Knowledge and Examination of Enactment in Upper Secondary Victorian Curriculum, investigates what constitutes the actual nature of the Climate Change subject while empirically examining 94 separate study designs for their climate change content. The study examines the accuracy of secondary education Climate Change curriculum, what elements of climate change information should be applied to that curriculum and the wider social effects on both.

Dr. Eilam will be talking about her research on how information is collated and condensed into what actually constitutes the nature of Climate Change,  how that content is applied to the education curriculum (and how that curriculum is influenced by the political climate).



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13th June, 2pm AEST

12 mid-day WA, 1:30 SA & NT

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