A Climate Dividend for Australians

BREAKING! Professor Dr Kerryn Phelps AM will launch ‘A Climate Dividend for Australians Plan‘ by UNSW Professors Richard Holden and Rosalind Dixon.

This project is a visionary and game-changing economic study of carbon pricing and is part of the UNSW Grand Challenges Program.

The UNSW plan will be launched at UNSW at 6 pm on Wednesday 21st November. Dennys Angove, the CCL Australia Advisory Council member who kicked of the discussion and had input to the climate dividend project, will be there. Quite a few other CCL members from NSW will be there as well and as a CCL member who has advocated for a dividend-based pollution pricing, some since 2014, you are also invited to attend, just register here.

When the plan is released from embargo by UNSW it will be linked here for free download.

Read more about the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Carbon Fee and Dividend here.

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