11 Apr 2020 – Cathy Orlando – Canada’s Carbon Fee and Dividend

11 Apr 2020 – Cathy Orlando – Canada’s Carbon Fee and Dividend

Cathy Orlando

International Outreach Manager for Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Cathy is responsible for training and support for English speaking Citizens’ Climate Lobby groups around the world.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Cathy has kindly accepted our request for an insight into Canada’s implementation of Carbon Fee and Dividend schemes.

We in CCL Australia has been pushing for a national CF&D but meeting political roadblocks at federal level. We havent tried to seriously engage on it at a state level, yet thats what Canada has effectively achieved. Getting the inside goss from Cathy could be just what we need to refocus our approach.
We put these questions to Cathy and she hopes to answer them in her 20 minute presentation:
– how close is Canada’s implementation to the CF&D we promote in CCL?
– how well is it working?
– is it impacting business, exports, the economy?
– are any people disadvantaged? are lower income people noticeably better off?
– what lessons would you share with our lobbyists?
– what lessons can we share with our politicians?
– Is there any evidence yet of the impact of the Implementation of C&D on emissions?
– Is there evidence of the impact on jobs?
– What are the corporates and fossil fuel corporates in particular saying and doing now that the policy is in place?
– Has the CPLC (Carbon Pricing Leadership Council) played a role in getting carbon pricing started in Canada? Could they assist us in Australia?


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Sat 11th April 2020 – at 1 pm QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS | 12.30 pm SA, NT | 11 am WA

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