9 May 2020 – Charlie Prell – Strategies and Strengths of Farmers for Climate Action

9 May 2020 – Charlie Prell – Strategies and Strengths of Farmers for Climate Action

Charlie Prell

Charlie Prell is a sheep farmer from Crookwell, an hour north of Canberra in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. He is one of four farmers under the Crookwell 2 windfarm. He has had 20 years of experience in renewables, focusing on wind farms. He is a strong public supporter of the benefits wind farms can bring to small regional communities. He is a passionate advocate for an inclusive “benefit sharing” model for wind farm developments, where the whole community benefits from a windfarm, not just the few who host the turbines. He worked as the NSW Regional Organiser for the Australian Wind Alliance from July 2014 until August 2019.

Charlie was part of the working group and then the steering committee that formed “Farmers for Climate Action”. He was previously co-chair and is currently deputy chair of Farmers for Climate Action. Charlie is passionate about the health and well-being of small regional communities and in assisting these communities to meet the challenge of climate change. He also promotes the opportunities that meeting these challenges can bring to individual farmers and the small regional communities where they live.

Strategies and Strengths of

Farmers for Climate Action

Farmers for Climate action are making an impact on attitudes and support in the rural communities of Australia, and taking their messages to the top. They have been closely associated with CCLs favourite body – the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action.

Charlie talks of the strengths, strategies and works they are undertaking, including their current promotion of renewable post-Covid economic stimulus projects across Australia. See Charlies presentation here:

Creating the political will for a liveable world