Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown
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Events Team Coordinator | Website Team Leader


Andrew Brown joined Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia in 2019, motivated by the Black Summer bushfires raging through the country. He had been passionate about climate change for many years, yet realised that the dystopian future that was predicted had become a reality and he couldn’t sit back and do nothing, he needed to take action. After a thorough Google search to find the right organisation, CCL Australia was the perfect fit – the core values, the positive approach and utilising democracy seemed to him the most constructive way to affect positive change.

After his first meeting in January 2020 he left inspired to do what he could to become an active member of CCL. Writing to management with ideas on how the website could be improved, he found himself being given the login days later and told to do his worst! It was the lovely people he met plus their faith and trust in their volunteers that made him realise CCL was something he wanted to be a big part of going forward.

Andrew is now leader of the Website team, the Events Promotion team as well as Group Leader for the NSW Grayndler electorate in Sydney.