Rod Mitchell

Rod Mitchell
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Rod Mitchell is the Chair of the Board of Management and National Strategy Coordinator.

Rod has a master’s degree in Environmental Psychology, has served on the Board of TasCOSS and ACOSS, worked with Aboriginal communities and taught peer counselling classes for several years. He has worked for state and local governments, lectured at Curtin University. With a background in community development, counselling, and training exposure in various regions of Australia, and provided counselling services to local government and to asylum seekers.

He brings a keen awareness of the power of relationships for addressing major problems like climate change and loves the personal and political empowerment inherent in CCL’s approach.

Rod helped establish CCL Australia in 2014 after meeting a US staff member at a “Care of Environment” Conference in Canada. Rod joined CCL in 2013, got an orientation from Global Strategy Director, Joe Robertson through the first 8 months of 2014 after which then volunteered to be National Coordinator and travelled to the US for further training, later went on to handle the responsibilities of National Chair.

Rod contributed towards building the organisation in Australia by organising National Conferences, Lobby Days, and he lobbied extensively with MPs and has helped establish local groups in several states. He enjoys spending his leisure time with his grandchildren.