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Tom Hunt
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Tom Hunt is a retired computer systems engineer and project manager who on building his dream home on the tidal shores of Lake Illawarra in 2003 decided he’d better check out the stories of sea level rise for himself.

Horrified by what he then learned about the much broader issue of global warming and the lack of government action over many years, he has committed to do all he can to reduce his and others carbon footprints, and to persuade our government and everyone to do more.

Tom’s last project before retiring shifted thousands of the University of Wollongong’s daily commuters from 1-person cars to more sustainable forms of transport. He has organised mass rallies in the Illawarra calling for climate action, run for election, kayaked to stop coal ships, protested in parliament, and supported many other actions across Australia, but has now settled on what he feels is the most effective means of achieving the urgent changes we need … engaging with the people in power through Citizens Climate Lobby.

Tom joined CCL Australia in 2016 and has been involved in pulling several of CCL’s levers of political will, from group leader to regional coordinator, lobbying, news, media and team building. He is currently the Supporter Engagement Coordinator and Regional Coordinator for Southern NSW and ACT.