A New Year – CCLA News – Jan 2021

A New Year – CCLA News – Jan 2021

We are getting the ball rolling for a big year of climate action in 2021! With a change in administration in the US just days away and the commencement of Australia’s vaccine roll-out and the shift to COVID-19 recovery on the horizon, now is as important a time as ever to act!

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Biden presidency – implications for Australian climate policy


Democrats now control the Whitehouse and both houses of Congress. This means that the US government will be able to legislate much of Biden’s ambitious agenda and not have to rely on executive orders and regulatory measures to bring about change.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Bill supported by CCL has a good chance of being legislated. This would establish ‘carbon fee and dividend’ in most of North America as 3 Canadian provinces and all territories now have a carbon fee and dividend policy in place.

The EU is implementing green recovery measures and the UK is preparing for COP 26. The globe is shifting.

 Let’s discuss the implications of all this for Australia and for CCL’s strategy for the year ahead. It will be quite a ride! 



Join us at 8pm AEDT on Thursday the 21st of January on zoom (zoom.us/j/7868786878) for our National Conversation.


Rod Mitchell        National Chair





Grasstops Engagement – your input required!


In 2021, one of CCL’s top priorities is to build awareness and support for carbon pricing in the community and  across the political spectrum.  We need to build awareness and support for this keystone solution, which will make a huge difference in lowering emissions, and works with the values of many Australians on both sides of the aisle.

CCL has five well-tested levers with which to influence our legislators, known as the Five Levers of Political Will: Lobbying, Media, Grassroots Outreach and Grasstops Engagement, underpinned by Group Development.

Grasstops Engagement asks for support from prominent community leaders, businesses, and non-governmental organisations that CCL Groups can deliver to their Federal and State Members of Parliament.

 Our recently established National Grasstops Action Team is undertaking a project to significantly enhance our ability to grow political will for our keystone solution, and empower our volunteers to strategically ramp up grasstops engagement across Australia.

  • Have you had contact with community or business leaders about CCL or carbon pricing, any time over the past 6 years?
  • Are you planning any grasstops outreach in the near future?
  • Are you interested in stepping up your grasstops game in 2021?
  • Would you like to be involved in the pilot test of the new grasstops process or be part of the National Grasstops Action Team?

 If you can answer “yes” to one or more of the above questions, we want to hear from you!

Please contact either of the following and we’ll be in touch:

  • jordan@ccl.org.au 
  • rod@ccl.org.au

Jordan Hodgson           National Coordinator, Grasstops Action Team


Petition – A green recovery not a gas-led recovery


Join the Petition! Currently, the petition has just over 550 signatures. We encourage all members to take a few minutes out of their day to sign the petition so that our voices are heard!

The below link contains a petition for a #GreenRecoveryNow post-COVID. The petition asks for the House to reject spending on a ‘gas-led recovery’ and instead develop a COVID recovery package that stimulates green jobs through ‘accelerating the transition to a net zero carbon economy.’

For our members in Canberra, there is also a rally planned on Tuesday the 2nd of February in front of Parliament House. Find details here

From the petition:

We are deeply concerned that the Government’s plan for a gas-led recovery will cause immense damage to our climate and our economy. Australia is very vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We have not forgotten the bushfires of last summer. A majority of Australians support strong and immediate action to reduce our carbon emissions, with three quarters supporting a target of net zero emissions by 2030. The recent commitment to net zero emissions by the three largest importers of Australian coal and gas (China, Japan and South Korea), as well as the likelihood of carbon tariffs being imposed by the EU, the US and others on goods from ‘climate laggard’ countries like Australia, are clear signals that our economic future does not lie in fossil fuels. Reports published this year by Climate Works, the Grattan Institute, Beyond Zero Emissions and the Climate Council outline strategies to stimulate short and long term jobs growth and cut carbon emissions in energy, transport, buildings, industry and land use. Spending to fast track Australia’s economic recovery from the Covid pandemic provides us with a unique opportunity to reset our economy to make it fit for the twenty first century and to safeguard our future.’

Sign the petition here

Zoe Takala          Newsletter Editor (temp)


We Need You!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 2021! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays and have taken a well-earned break.  CCL will be ramping back up over the coming days because we have a lot to do this year.

The recent political changes in the USA will have impacts on Australia including greater pressure to reduce our emissions.  In November this year COP26 begins in Glasgow and each country is expected to bring improved plans for climate action.  What will Australia’s contribution be?  If there was ever a year to get involved with the climate movement and help to influence Australia’s policy, this is it!

We are looking to expand CCL to have an active group associated with every federal electorate.  This year we will be speaking with State and Federal politicians across the country, asking them to work on bipartisan solutions such as Carbon Fee and Dividend.  We will be speaking with business leaders and the general public at fairs and events, trying to build political will for stronger climate action.  We need leaders like you, who can make this happen in your local electorate.  Each leader needs a team of people to support and assist them.  There is a role for everyone in CCL where your skills, expertise or determination will be highly valued.

CCL is an empowering organisation to be part of.  This time last year I was just joining a group in Perth and about to attend my first meeting.  One year later and I’m organising a local group, I’ve spoken with several politicians and I’m involved in CCL’s national media team.  CCL is full of nice people trying their best to make a difference. You can be part of this by joining CCL (if you havent done so already) and volunteering in your local group or nationally with one of these positions.  

If you’re not yet involved in climate action, now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard!

All the best for 2021!  I wish you a happy, safe and effective 2021.



Darren Helsby           Media Coordinator





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Jenny Goldie sums up the climate in her weekly news update 





Here’s an easy way to help

Like to donate a little each month and help us employ an enthusiastic and energetic full time manager for our Australian campaigns this year?

This is a great way to multiply our efforts, and very attractive if you have difficulty finding time to support CCL in other ways. Consider setting up a regular $10 a month (or whatever you can afford) automatic transfer from your account. Find out more.



Last word: Comparing our efforts with the UK

While the UK has reduced its emissions by 38% since 1990 (when the UN made the issue clear to all), Australia kept increasing from 1990 to 2007 and even now has only reduced its emissions by 6% on 1990 levels. We managed to make good progress from 2007 to 2013, but the trend since then has us getting to zero emissions centuries after everyone else (2013-2019 trend line hits zero around the year 2500). 

The government likes to measure our emissions on a per capita basis, which does make us look somewhat better. Our emissions per capita have reduced 44% since 1990. This is good. Our population has grown 51% (1990-2020) compared to the UK’s 18% for the same period. But the UK still beats us with 51% reduction in emissions per capita (1990-2018) compared to our 42% reduction (for that same period 1990-2018). What really blows us out of the water though is that Australia’s emissions per capita is now more than 3 times that for the UK population! (20.9 tonnes CO2e per person/yr compared with 6.8 tonnes in the UK, based on 2018 figures)

Tom Hunt           Regional Coordinator

[Data sourced from Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory June 2020, UK and Australian government websites – ons.gov.uk, abs.gov.au – and OECD stats.oecd.org] 



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