Add Grasstops To Your Climate Advocacy

Add Grasstops To Your Climate Advocacy

Add Grasstops To Your Climate Advocacy

One of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia’s top priorities is to build awareness and support for the Australian Climate Dividend Plan (ACDP) in the community and across the political spectrum.

CCL has five well-tested levers with which to influence our legislators, known as the Five Levers of Political Will: Lobbying, Media, Grassroots Outreach and Grasstops Engagement, underpinned by Group Development.

Grasstops Engagement asks for support from prominent community leaders, businesses, and non-governmental organisations that CCL Groups can deliver to their Federal and State Members of Parliament.

Our National Grasstops Action Team has undertaken a project to significantly enhance our ability to grow political will for our keystone solution, and empower our volunteers to strategically ramp up grasstops engagement across Australia.

Six (6) Groups across the country were involved in a pilot programme to test the newly developed process and resources, which were adapted from the successful approach of our counterparts in the United States and Canada.

Australia now has a dedicated website and an online endorsement form, ready for prominent individuals and organisations in your electorate to add their name in support of the ACDP:

CCL is ready to (re)launch this important and impactful lever in Australia—and you can now add grasstops to your climate advocacy.

Interested volunteers can get started today by visiting the Grasstops Engagement page on Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia’s intranet site for details:

Our intranet site is for registered volunteers and supporters.  If you need access to the intranet site, please contact  If you haven’t joined CCL yet, sign up at

We warmly invite you to join this programme to bolster your lobbying efforts and broaden CCL’s reach into untapped sectors of our communities.


Written by Jordan Hodgson—Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia volunteer in the Federal Electoral Division of Bennelong, on Dharug Country, in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW.

Jordan Hodgson is a Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia volunteer and lives on Darug Country, in Northern Sydney, NSW.