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  • By on June 9, 2015

    This coming week will be our biggest by far!

    We have two meetings with MPs, Dennis Jensen and Anthony Albanese and one with Julie Bishop’s staff staff.

    We will be meeting with the Environment Reporter of The West Australian with a view to meeting the Editor as soon possible.

    The first meeting of Fremantle CCL will take place.


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  • Warringah Group now ‘active’

    By on June 2, 2015

    We now have an official group in the Prime Minister’s electorate of Warringah.

    A ‘Group Start’ workshop on Saturday initiated 6 locals and a few people from neighbouring electorates into the values, methodologies and goals of CCL. The group will be seeking a meeting with the PM’s electorate staff very soon and will work with him towards making him an unlikely ‘Climate Hero’. We will be offering him a way to price carbon without introducing a great big new tax!

    Other groups will form in neighbouring electorates over the next few months.

    Meanwhile a group is meeting in South Sydney which will also lead to a number of electorates having their own CCL groups.

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  • A Quote

    By on April 11, 2015

    “It brought me a new understanding of how, unless you’re connected with the land, you’re not really connected with yourself or the nation. And Australians, I think, are slowly beginning to realise that the land owns us, we don’t own the land. It’s taken climate change to achieve that. And you get this sense of forces which are outside your control.”
    JOAN KIRNER, on the immensity of outback Australia

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