Climate of silence – Nell Azuri

Climate of silence – Nell Azuri

Climate change is something that will affect us all, so why aren’t more people talking about it and taking action? – Nell Azuri

Nell Azuri looks at what the research says about why so many people never talk to anyone about climate change, and shows you how to break the silence in a positive way.

Nell is an experienced climate communicator and Instructional Designer who has designed educational programs that have won international awards, but it is the climate communication that she cares about most.

Nell is CCLs Regional Coordinator for Queensland and juggles climate action with family life on the Sunshine Coast.

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Notes for “Breaking through the climate of silence”

Author Kari Norgaard coined the term ‘Socially organised denial’ to explain the web of social, emotional, cultural, political and economic factors that make it less likely we will acknowledge climate change as an emergency, and therefore act.

For more:

What to say

  • Counter feelings of depression with a focus on solutions and great things already happening

For good news try ReNew Economy or the Citizens’ Climate Lobby community on facebook


And don’t be afraid to speak up – most Australians do agree with you already.

Tips for speaking

  • Focus on the personal connection between you.
  • Listen for values and fears, use them to frame what you say.
  • Use your own story to introduce the idea of taking action. If they aren’t keen, that’s fine. If they are keen, make it easy for them.

Talking points

From Australia’s Climate Council:

Great videos for sharing

  • Katharine Hayhoe – her Youtube channel is ‘Global Weirding‘. Her videos are short, engaging and a bit addictive:

Talking to dissenters …

  • De-fuse from your own emotional reaction first (for more information on de-fusion, I recommend The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris)
  • Be curious
  • Reflect what they’re saying back to them
  • Agree with whatever you can
  • Respectfully disagree whenever you need to
  • Excellent video from George Marshall with a simple strategy for dealing with dissenters:



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