Building on the outcomes of Paris

Building on the outcomes of Paris

The new year after the Paris agreement has begun. And it is an election year! We have much to do in order to get our message out to as many MPs and their staff as possible, as well as to the media and community. CCL Australia’s National Coordinator, Rod Mitchell, explains where to next.

A new development that I observed in Paris is that most countries are now competing to be good guys in terms of climate action instead of openly dragging their feet. Ambitious targets are now seen as virtuous rather than suicidal. We have a Coalition of High Ambition and Australia, somewhat belatedly and probably a bit reluctantly, has joined!

Australia is going to struggle to meet its targets. Fee and Dividend is a very efficient way of getting emissions down reasonably quickly and in as smooth and predictable way as is possible in what is likely to be a ‘disruptive’ transition to a zero-carbon economy. We have a gift for the MPs of Australia, they just don’t know it yet!

The primary unit of CCL is the local group – we aim to have a group in every Federal electorate so that every MP gets to hear a consistent message about Fee and Dividend and its many virtues as a rational and transparent response to climate change. Our Regional Coordinators will be supporting the birth and growth of new groups around the country.

Rod Mitchell
National Coordinator