Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

Net Zero by 2050 – 100 Days of Action

In the 100 Days leading up to the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow (COP26), 1 – 12 November 2021, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia is leading an extended campaign focused on our number one ‘ASK’, specifically:

A bipartisan and federally legislated target of Net Zero Emissions by 2050 (and preferably sooner), with a clearly documented process for achieving it presented by the Government at the Conference.

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Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Australia needs to reach net zero emissions no later than 2050 and preferably sooner.

A bipartisan and federally legislated net zero emissions by 2050 target is required in order to achieve this (which includes being on track by 2030).

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The Australian Climate Dividend

The Australian Climate Dividend (ACD) is widely considered the most effective foundational solution to rapidly reduce emissions whilst boosting the economy and jobs.

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How you can help

The voices of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia members are needed at every level – national, state and local – in our communications with politicians, community leaders, business and industry, the media and our personal networks.

Contact maree@ccl.org.au for more information.


2020 Campaigns

Climate Act Now

MP for Warringah, Zali Steggall, has developed a climate change bill to be put forward to parliament. The Act would ensure Australia has a clear and positive national response to the challenges of climate change.

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Climate-smart Recovery

Australia has been a global leader in dealing with both the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Australia could also become a global leader on addressing climate change because the reality is that the bigger and looming crisis that is climate change has not gone away.

Re-building the economy and re-building from the disruptions to everyday life presents great opportunities to ‘build back better’ with  stimulus packages that promote a climate-smart recovery of a faster transition to renewable energy and zero net carbon emissions.

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Building the Centre

An end to the climate wars and a revival of the political centre in our parliament is essential if we are to adopt climate and energy policies capable of surviving changes of government. Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia is advocating for more bipartisan cooperation and consensus at the political level through its ‘Building the Centre’ campaign.

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Building the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

Carbon pricing is a powerful tool for emissions reduction and is supported by many economists, corporations, industry groups and other experts. It has been adopted in many countries and is considered to be an essential tool for de-carbonising the  global economy and giving us a chance of keeping global warming under 2 degrees  Celsius.

Our preferred form of carbon pricing is the Australian Climate Dividend –  it is simple, efficient and elector-friendly. It provides a powerful price signal to enable and support the many different solutions that are needed to slow and eventually reverse global warming.

A broad coalition of actors may be the final piece that enables the government to finally accept the utility of adopting a carbon price.

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