Net Zero by 2050 – 100 Days of Action

Thanks for your actions!

15 November 2021. The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) has now concluded and so has our Net Zero by 2050 – 100 Days of Action campaign. Thank you to all our supporters for the literally thousands of actions taken with parliamentarians, in the media and with your family friends and communities. Your actions counted! 

On Day 1 of the Conference the Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered in person Australia’s commitment to achieve net zero 2050. Whilst a significant step forward and a key objective of our 100 Days of Action campaign, the 2050 commitment remains unlegislated and the process for achieving it remains unclear. 

Many are calling COP26  ‘a step forward’ that keeps limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees as a possibility rather than a probability. The Glasgow Climate Pact – agreed to by all 197 countries – calls for urgent action this decade in order to ‘keep 1.5 degrees alive’. For Australia this will include setting more ambitious interim targets towards 2050. 

Stay tuned as we finalise our lobbying strategy in the lead up to the 2022 Federal election and beyond.

Look what we achieved! 

2,000 petition signings

We had almost 2,000 petition signings and 1202 mostly personalised emails to MPs and Senators over the period. The petition signatures were delivered to both the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister’s office.

Martin Schwank - new group leader in the Cook electorate - delivers petition to the Prime Minister’s office

200 letters to the editor

In addition, 200 letters to the editor were published across the country. These are 2 examples:

Daily Telegraph, 30th September 2021

The Advocate, 26th September 2021

60 calls to MP’s offices

We made more than 60 calls to the offices of MPs and Senators (there were probably more). They were often inspired, like Kristina’s, by Simone’s instructive video:

‘…the video of the CCL member making a call to their local MP gave me the courage to do the same. On the back of that,  I’ve already called and emailed …today.’

12 meetings with MPs (and counting)

Importantly, we’ve also held  more than 12 meetings with strategic MPs or their staff and more are planned for this month. These meetings will continue to be our most effective tool in prosecuting CCL’s strategy. Our respectful, bipartisan approach is opening doors for us.

Here’s what Josephine had to say after her first meeting with her MP:

“Sitting in on my first lobby meeting… was a great learning experience. Having the opportunity to take part alongside more experienced CCL lobbyists in such a constructive meeting… really highlighted to me the positive impact that CCL can and is having.”

Josephine (bottom left) as part of her first meeting with an MP, in this case Garth Hamilton MP Member for Groom (bottom right).

CCLA’s largest national conference

Our 2021 National Conference: Be a Hero for Net Zero was our largest ever with more than 110 participants. You can watch our keynote speakers Zali Steggall MP, Professor Will Steffen and Dylan Storer here.