Building the Centre

The importance of bipartisanship


A revival of the political centre in our parliament is essential if we are to adopt climate and energy policies capable of surviving changes of government. The support of the majority of the electorate for a sensible policy response to climate has been unable to get the support it deserves from the parliament. Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia is working to ‘build the centre’ and create the conditions for bipartisan cooperation and consensus on climate.

By engaging our supporters and growing our chapters in the electorates of centrist MPs, CCL can assist them in supporting a more bipartisan approach to addressing climate change. 

CCL helped bring the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action (PFoCA) into being through our meetings with a wide range of MPs over recent years. This non-partisan body of MPs meets to discuss climate issues and solutions in a collaborative manner. It is led by Rebekah Sharkie with support from Helen Haines and Zali Steggal. It has members from all parties. PFoCA has the potential to significantly strengthen the Centre and support MPs who have an interest in developing nonpartisan climate policy. Our volunteers are encouraging more centrist MPs to join PFoCA

There are a number of centrist organisations pushing for bipartisanship and more ambition on climate and energy policy. Coalition for Conservation and the  Blueprint Institute are two new examples. We will build collaborative relationships with them (and similar organisations) to further ‘build the centre’.

Our strategy

  • Engage with centrist MPs and build chapters in their electorates
  • Promote and support the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action (PFoCA)
  • Support Independent MP’s advocacy for an independent body to recommend and set science-based targets and policies
  • Engage with centrist organizations and enhance their climate policies
  • Advocate and model a nonpartisan approach to climate policy in all our interactions

What can you do?

The voices of Citizens’ Climate Lobby members are needed at every level – at the national and local level – in our communications with politicians, in the media and with family, friends and broader community to build and support the centre of politics.

  • Join our ‘Build the Centre‘ Action Team and help build CCL chapters in centrist electorates 
  • If you live in a centrist electorate help build a CCL chapter to lobby and support your  MP 
  • Ask your MP to support the establishment of an independent body to recommend and set science-based targets and policies
  • Ask your MP to join PFoCA
  • Engage with or join Centrist organisations to influence their climate policies and promote our climate solutions

Contact for more information.