Climate Act Now

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia is a supporter and advocate for the Climate Change Act.

MP for Warringah, Zali Steggall, has developed a climate change bill to be put forward to parliament. The Act would ensure Australia has a clear and positive national response to the challenges of climate change.

It will ensure that Australia has:

  • A Net Zero emissions target by 2050, getting there through emissions reduction plans and emissions budgets, and establish a process to review the Net Zero target every 5 years as things change
  • Risk assessments and adaptation plans, so that the different parts of our continent and economy know the risks of climate change and can prepare for them
  • Technology readiness assessment, so that we know the existing and emerging ways we can reduce emissions, with the least risk and cost.
  • An independent advisory commission (IAC), that can advise the Government, transparently and independently, on our national needs and plans.

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