CCL Australia News – July 2020

CCL Australia News – July 2020
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Is Covid and Climate Change Comparable?

I’ve heard many arguments comparing climate change with the global pandemic, but is that fair?

Yes they are both going to significantly impact our society around the world. It seems Covid kills about 3% of our population if let go, less if we take extreme care and find an effective vaccine, more if we let it run rampant.

We have yet to find out how many climate change will kill. Deaths are already attributed to it but there is no simple test for those who suffer yet the threat to life is likely to be far greater than the Covid mortality.

Covid-19, like for the ‘Spanish’ Flu, will I suspect be forgotten in a few years, leaving us poorer and fewer in number but in a world with just the same opportunities as before it came. Global warming in contrast will not stop.

It will not stop even when we cease adding extra greenhouse gases to our air. The best we can hope for, if we can flatten the emissions curve, is that it will stabilise a few decades later, leaving our world in a very different state.

Australian politicians of all persuasions, and in all levels of government, have done a great job in recognising and acting on the COVID-19 crisis. Listening to our best specialists in the field, they have worked together to achieve the best outcome we could hope for in Australia.

Stopping our emissions has been a tougher challenge. Australia’s vested interests in coal and gas have created political divisions and a tendency to ignore the science. A price on greenhouse gas pollution, widely accepted as the best solution, is still ignored here entirely because of politics. And as a major producer of the worlds fossil fuel, we find it difficult to kick this self harming addiction.

There is a connection we can make between Covid and climate change. It seems we need to spend up big on Australian projects to recover from the pandemic recession. Wouldn’t it be great to make those projects work towards quickly flattening our emissions curve and help save our climate as well as our economy. Lets get behind the Climate Smart Recovery campaign.

Stay well in these trying times, and please do what you can to spread the word, especially to our politicians.

Cheers      Tom


Tonight – Thursday 23 July

AUS National Conversation – Our campaigns

8 pm NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, QLD | 7.30 pm SA, NT | 6 pm WA

join in on Zoom to learn about our latest campaigns and share your thoughts on

  • Climate smart recovery

  • Building the centre – the political ‘far middle’, and

  • Building support for the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

A broad coalition of actors may be the final piece that enables the government to finally accept the utility of adopting a carbon price. For this reason, CCL is helping to activate the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) in Australia.
This international coalition “brings together leaders from government, business, civil society and academia to support carbon pricing, share experiences and enhance the global, regional, national and sub-national understanding of carbon pricing implementation. The CPLC Secretariat is administered by The World Bank Group”.
CCL is working with the Secretariat and the existing Australian
partners to build the Coalition and grow its influence on government policy.
We are inviting our volunteers to join the campaign and help build
this vital piece in the carbon pricing puzzle.


Don’t miss the workshop

 CCL teams up with BZE and Greg Mullins of the Climate Council next month




Jenny’s Jottings

The coronavirus pandemic in Australia has had a resurgence, … Unfortunately, it is taking people’s attention off climate change. …. “Coronavirus is a crisis; climate change is an existential threat.” ….Read more

Jenny’s Jottings – always a good summary of the last week in Australia’s climate affairs



Ever get annoyed

at the crap written about climate and energy in the papers?

Try your hand at writing to the editor. Learn all the tricks and get some help making your voice heard at this critical time. Drop us a line to be invited into the realm of the “Paper Pixies” who regularly score published letters in some of the toughest papers, and it’s really very easy.


My 17th video

from the desk of your YouTube Editor

May 20, 2020 was the day I posted my first video to YouTube.

I had been recruited by some slick promotion to ‘assist’ in the editing and production of CCL Zoom meetings to then be uploaded to YouTube. I was soon to discover that there was more to do and no-one else with the time to do it. Not wanting to show that I was not capable of the challenge I sallied forth and today I have uploaded my 17th video. 

Trial by ordeal I would call it, but in this changed world of Covid 2020 for many this has become the norm. At CCL, meetings were changed to all being Zoom and with the heightened dangers of ‘Global Heating’ looming larger than ever there has been no shortage of highly qualified speakers ready to step forward to bring to us their wisdom.

My experience with video editing before 20th May had been zero. Our Zoom Hosts have equally been thrown into the deep end. It has largely been a case of the blind leading the blind and yet we have survived. I can see some light and it is not the headlights of the train.

All of us are stretched… but if anyone out there would like to assist in video editing to YouTube, it is a small, but I believe a valuable part of our armoury. I will train you with the basic skills that I have learnt, and would love to share the role with you :). If you are experienced in either video editing or YouTube management and can pass on some of your knowledge to me too, I would be most grateful. 

Meanwhile would you have a quick look at our CCL YouTube site. It would be great to have your support and interest in each new recording. Please subscribe and hit the bell so that you will be informed on your YouTube app whenever we upload a video. View as many of our excellent presenters talks as your time permits and please spread the word to all your contacts.

If you have any comments to make about our videos I would be pleased to hear from you, either in the comments section on each video or to me personally. 

Please do enjoy the videos we have now – and it would be great if you can share this knowledge even wider.

Phillip (


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Other events this week

Sunday 26 July

ACT Canberra Monthly Meeting (online)

ZOOM             Sunday  2:00pm AEST

This month economist Prof John Quiggin (University of Queensland) will be giving a talk on “A Green New Deal” – a way to tackle climate change in an economically just way. Following the talk we will discuss what actionable steps we can take in Canberra to push for and promote climate solutions. All welcome. More info…


Monday 27 July

WA Tangney Monthly Meeting (online)

ZOOM             Monday  7:15pm AWST, (9:15pm AEST)

This month we have economist Warwick Smith as our guest speaker. He will speak on the economic impact of Carbon Fee and Dividend on jobs, on different sections of the community such as farming, the necessity or otherwise of complimentary policies and the influence of emerging global policies on Climate Change policy on Australia. All welcome. 


Tuesday 28 July

NSW Sydney Monthly Meeting (online)

ZOOM             7pm AEDT

This month sustainable transport expert Tom Hunt will be giving a talk on “Electric vehicles” – from what it’s like to own one to how Australia can electrify our transport sector. Following the talk we will entertain, educate and support each other in talking about climate change issues and strategies. Come along and join us. All welcome.


Keep an eye on our web page for other great events next month.


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