Clearing the Air Conference and Lobby Days 2018

Clearing the Air 2018 Conferences and Lobby Days

Clearing the Air 2018 Conferences and Lobby Days are Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) Australia’s  series of regional and national networking, training and lobbying events across Australia.

These are powerful  training and networking experiences enabling CCL members to initiate and build on relationships with their Members of Parliament (MPs).

In 2018 and 2019, Clearing the Air will be hosted in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and each year will culminate in our national conference in Canberra. Interested? Get in touch!

15 & 16 September 2018 – Save the date – National 2018 Conference 

17 & 18 September 2018 – Save the date – National 2018 Lobby Days

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24 June Register – NSW ACT Clearing the Air 2018 conference & June 25 lobby days here & Program here CLOSED

Register for the WA Clearing the Air 2018 conference and lobby days here CLOSED

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Please note that CCL membership (which is free) and training (also free) is an essential prerequisite for attending CCL lobby days.

Our 2018 conference theme, Clearing the Air, points to our efforts to clear the pollution in the atmosphere, as well as the partisan climate policy fog of the last ten years. Our non-partisan approach and technology neutrality can help clear the air and make way for rational and enduring climate policy.

At a CCL conference, you will:

  • Hear from expert speakers
  • Engage in interactive workshop sessions
  • Develop your expertise as a climate advocate
  • Learn about CCL’s successful approach to enabling climate solutions

At CCL lobby days we put our training into practice by having conversations with MPs and/or staff that create the breakthroughs necessary to enact effective climate solutions.


Thank you everybody who joined us at the

NSW/ACT and Perth WA Clearing the Air

Conference and Lobby Days 2018





There is no charge to attend CCL Lobby Days – note that meals and parking are to be purchased by individuals

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