Conference 2017 – Archive

Clearing the Air

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia Third Annual Conference & Lobby Days
9-12 September, 2017, Canberra, ACT
Conference 9-10 September, Lobby Days 11-12 September


Please join us in Canberra this September to learn, connect and advocate for the climate; and, of course, to have fun. If you can’t attend the lobby days you are still welcome at the conference.

During the Conference, you’ll hear from expert speakers, engage in interactive workshop sessions, develop your expertise as a climate advocate and deepen your knowledge of CCL and its methodology. And on the Lobby days we will put our weekend’s learning into practice by having conversations that create the breakthroughs necessary to enact effective climate solutions.

Our theme Clearing the Air, points to the pollution in the atmosphere and the climate policy fog of the last ten years. Our bi-partisan approach and technology agnosticism can help clear the air and make way for rational climate policy. The success of our March Lobby Days is ripe for follow-up.

The tipping point for the political will to price carbon is getting closer, both here and in the US where the bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus is growing steadily, in size and importance. We are getting support in our parliament for a bi-partisan Friends of Climate Solutions group and we see the proposed Clean Energy Target as a positive forward step that can be complemented later by our preferred solution, Carbon Fee and Dividend.

2Degrees Renewables Innovation Hub,19-23 Moore St, Turner, ACT

The Fee of $180 includes:
Friday Sundowner – connecting over drinks and snacks
Saturday and Sunday conference sessions with lunch, morning and afternoon tea
Saturday Evening Dinner
Note: Delegates can opt out of Saturday dinner, and attend the conference for a reduced price of $120.
Payments can be made by EFT or cheque, details are at the top of the registration form.

The Renewables Innovation Hub is near Civic Centre. There are many accommodation and restaurant options nearby, some within walking distance. Parliament House is about 4.4 km from the Hub.

There is no charge for Lobby Days, and all meals are self purchased. Parliament House has a good café, and many members choose to complete their day by going to dinner in groups.