13 April – Dealing with climate change on the land – Graham Strong

13 April – Dealing with climate change on the land – Graham Strong

Southern NSW sheep and crop farmer Graham Strong has strategies to reduce the impact of climate change on his own farm, and alot to say about how we can cope with climate change as a part of the future for Australian farming.

Graham got his start as a climate-aware agricultural innovator developing on-farm innovations in saltbush grazing and revegetation while an active participant in the well-known and groundbreaking rural Landcare program in the 1990’s. In 2000 he became a finalist Young Australian of The Year – Environment as a result of his innovations.

Unlike today’s young millennial farmers, who have such personal and direct experience of drought and climate politics, he says farmers in the 90’s never really talked about climate change and not that much even about drought.

It was all about windbreaks, biodiversity, protecting critters etc, it was mostly ‘feel good’ motivated – doing the right thing – rather than ‘impending doom’…. but maybe we can somehow capture that positive side again?

Watch Graham’s story here, through the eyes of musician Andy Ross.

Graham is a member of Farmers for Climate Action and a new member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia.

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