What? You don’t think we are causing climate change? – Peter Todd

Peter Todd gets shocked when people say to him they don’t believe in global climate change or that it’s not caused by humans. He says they often start talking about hoaxes, middle ages warming, ice ages or even more complex stuff. But he says the fact is you only need six basic facts to know that climate change is real and caused by humans.

  1. The greenhouse warming effect of CO2 is proven by even basic school science experiments.
  2. The only possible source of CO2 to fully explain the current increase is from human causes.
  3. Fossil fuels burnt since the industrial revolution closely matches the level of CO2 increase.
  4. Fossil fuels burned closely matches the reduction in oxygen levels.
  5. The average global temperatures are tracking the CO2 increase. The CO2 increase is steady and temperatures are less steady showing that CO2 is the cause, not the other way around.
  6. The start of CO2 increase coincides with the start of the industrial revolution.

You may be able to find ways to create doubt on some of these points individually but the likelihood that all six are wrong is ridiculous. (Source Mythbusters – Global Warming & Climate Change Cluedo)

Peter Todd is the CCL NSW Coordinator and a reliability engineer.