First national conference a huge success

First national conference a huge success

Last weekend 27 of us gathered in the national capital for a full weekend conference.


We came from as far as Perth and Brisbane. Three great speakers set the scene covering;

  • Carbon Pricing in the Australian political economy – Warwick Smith
  • Regenerative Agriculture – the importance of carbon draw-down – Walter Jehne
  • Applying Fee and Dividend in the Australian context – Joe Robertson

We learned all about lobbying, practiced stepping into the PM’s shoes and simulated real lobbying scenarios.

The next 2 days we lobbied in Parliament House. We saw 7 MPs, 3 advisers, 3 Ministerial advisers and 1 endorsed candidate. They were from Government, Opposition and the cross-bench. We learned so much and surprised ourselves at how much fun we had! All of this happened against the backdrop of a dramatic change of Prime Minister at the end of the first day of lobbying.

And we bumped into some people from RESULTS, also doing some lobbying.