Getting Closer! – Let’s support the Bill – CCLA News – Nov 2020

Getting Closer! – Let’s support the Bill – CCLA News – Nov 2020

A huge thank you to these and all the volunteers who supported our National Conference!

Record breaking National Conference 2020

Doing things on zoom was a bit tricky at first, when Covid forced us away from face-to-face but we seem to be getting the hang of it if our conference is anything to go by. With double the numbers we would normally have in Canberra for our annual event, we also doubled our post conference lobby meetings albeit over a stretched timeline (more meetings are still coming! 🙂

The enthusiasm gained from Zali Stegall, Paul Bourke, Matt Keen and all our speakers was magic. Attendees were raring to go when we finished right on time after a magic afternoon hosted by our wonderful MC’s Sophie Emder and Melisha Leggett. Read newbie Brendon Henry’s enthusiastic account below.

Will we want to go back to physical conferences? Now there’s a discussion point for our next National Conversation – on tonight. Come along (on zoom, where else?), the main topic will be how the post conference lobbying worked for you. And don’t forget to support Zali’s Bill – so important this week. Details below. 

A Gen Z’s First Climate Conference

My name is Brendon Henry, and I am a 17 year old Victorian and a recent volunteer at Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia. This year, I got to participate in the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s National Conference, and it was a truly rewarding experience for me. Not only did I learn the art of lobbying that the experts use to befriend politicians, but I also learnt about the amazing opportunities and jobs that lie ahead in a climate-smart recovery. Now, I’m hopeful and confident I can help in convincing our governments to adopt this approach to save our jobs, homes and our planet.

I joined the completely digital event, which was great for me because I was in hospital at the time …. (read more of Brendon’s story

New member Brendon Henry
“.. constructive feedback on my work that bolstered my confidence.”


Videos available from the conference


Getting Closer 

The tipping point is getting closer – the point at which nearly everyone is on board and the ‘race to zero’ is on!

With Joe Biden as President of the United States, 70% of our trading partners will soon be committed to a net-zero target.

The US is likely to join the EU in imposing border carbon taxes on imports on countries without a carbon price.

Economist Richard Holden of UNSW can see the trend and is again promoting a carbon fee and dividend so that Australia can avoid this threat and instead join with other nations in a global push to zero. He modelled a carbon fee and dividend for Australia and presented it as the Australian Carbon Dividend Plan.

The Coalition for Conservation is praising the big steps that NSW and other Liberal-led states are taking. Matt Kean addressed our Conference recently and made an indisputable case for rapidly expanding zero carbon energy.

And Zali’s Climate Change Bill has gone to the Standing Committee on Environment and Energy which is open to submissions from citizens like you. We are making a concerted effort to give maximum support for the bill through the committee and beyond. Visit our “Support Zali’s Bill” webpage for lots of guidance on how to make your own submission. 

Rod Mitchell – Chair, CCL Australia




Supporting Zali’s Bill

An urgent callout to all CCL volunteers…

Deadline Friday 27 November

Lend your support and make a submission to the Climate Change Bill inquiry.

On  9 November, Independent Federal Member for Warringah, Zali Steggall MP introduced  the Climate Change Bill to Parliament.  The Bill was referred to the House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy and will now go to a public inquiry. This is great news!

It will be the first parliamentary inquiry into why Australia should commit and legislate Net Zero emissions by 2050 and why the Bill’s proposed legal framework will assist every sector in assessing the risks, adaptation and resilience planning that is needed.

Your voice is important and anyone is free to make a submission to the inquiry.

But submissions close at 5pm on Friday 27 November.

See more information on our Supporting Zali’s Bill website or go directly to making a submission 

Need help? – join a CCL webinar to help guide you in writing your submission

  • Friday 20 November at 2:00 PM AEDT, or
  • Sunday 22 November at 3:00 PM AEDT

On zoom – join with 



National Conversation Tonight

There have been 31 lobby meetings resulting from our Citizens’ Climate Lobby Nov 1st Conference, with MPs including key identities Mark Dreyfus, Gladys Liu, Adam Bandt, Russell Broadbent and Dave Sharma.

We need to celebrate our successes

Thursday 19 November

AUS National Conversation (online) @ 8:00pm Zoom

8 pm NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS | 7.30 pm SA | 7 pm QLD | 6.30 pm NT | 5 pm WA

This month’s National Conversation features Sophie & Melisha who did such a wonderful job making the conference a success. This dynamic duo will coordinate feedback from everyone involved in our Lobby Meetings, especially from people new to lobbying. We will have breakout groups so you can give your feedback and discuss the most effective followup climate action activities. Zoom in on:




The climate this week

There’s plenty of good news in our latest appointment with “The climate this week”. Zali Steggall’s “Climate Change Bill” has been referred to the House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy. Public submissions in favour of the bill can be sent until November 27th. This is a unique opportunity to support the best solution to climate change that our country has seen in years. Don’t miss the chance and upload your own submission. More good news comes from NSW, where Energy Minister Matt Kean paved the way for the state to become a renewable energy superpower. His “NSW Renewable Energy Plan” is expected to unlock $32 billion dollars in private investment towards zero-emissions energy sources. Finally, we have further evidence that Australians are way ahead of their politicians when addressing the climate crisis. A group of residents of the Riverina region is about to launch the “Haystacks Solar Garden”, a creative solution to provide solar energy to people who don’t have a roof. I wonder who says that climate change is a problem felt by inner-city people only.




Did you know?

The ‘Letters to the editor’ is the most read page in most papers!

Our magic letter writers had 34 published in October, down from 55 in September, but still a great number.

Here’s a breakdown of letters published: Adelaide Advertiser- 7 Daily Telegraph- 5 Northern Daily Leader- 6 Wagga Daily Advertiser- 5 Canberra Times- 3 Courier Mail- 1 Adelaide In Daily- 2 SMH- 1 Illawarra Mercury- 2 The Land- 2 Congratulations to our published writers Corinne Ang, James Allen, Jay Asper, Richard Gladstone, Emma Storey, Helen Cameron, Anne O’Hara, Maree Nutt, Bob Montgomery, Alice Milson, David K Clarke, John Millar, Michelle Storey, and Stephen Young.

The month was a tricky one… many days of no climate news in Murdoch media. We need more writers on board and for existing writers to write more, though a faithful few have been doing the heavy lifting. More hands would lighten the load. Martin Haese (media bigwig in SA) says that climate change is very much the hot topic in SA since the bushfires, and has heightened in spite of Covid-19. There’s no doubt that our regular climate LTEs in the Adelaide papers have helped to keep the climate conversation going there. This could work in other capitals. [from Corrines monthly summary on Facebook] 

Clipping from Australian Financial Review 13 Nov

Well done Corinne Ang and Eliza Weekes


Renew Illawarra in conjunction with CCL Illawarra branch presents

A new grid efficiency solution

Reducing the voltage to the level our appliances are designed for : Remove demand from the grid, Increase energy security, Reduce the cost of electricity generation and supply, Reduce carbon emissions, Reduce energy bills for Consumers, Create jobs in Australia


Presenter: Ty Christopher B.E., MBA

Honorary Professorial Fellow University of Wollongong; Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre (APQRC).

Previously General Manager, Asset Management, Endeavour Energy.  

 Ty is an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in the power industry. He is passionate about reducing green house gas emissions for Australia using innovative, Australian developed technology.

Register for the Webinar

Wednesday 25th November 7:00 AEDT

Watch our events page for other CCL local and national meetings.


















“Conservatives are taking the climate lead”

Great article in the Canberra times by C4C’s Cristina Talacko

The conservative Blueprint Institute is providing important leadership to centre-right voters and MPs. See their Powering the Next Boom report. 



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Last word: Baseload?

Have you ever wondered why off-peak power was so cheap? Of course its excess power produced at night when nobody wants it.

Have we ever really needed much 24/7 baseload power? You know, the power stations cant just turn their power off.

What we mostly needed was power during the day and evening. Dispatchable power you can turn on and off.

Storage is the key, and probably always has been.

Maybe it’s time we switched the rest of our off-peak water heating from midnight to midday to store renewable not fossil energy. 

And time we all had time-of-use rates applied to all our electricity, to encourage us to more conservative usage patterns.



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