GMAIL – how to ensure CCL Australia emails end up in the Inbox


Recently we have noticed that a portion of the bulk emails we send out to our GMAIL users are ending up in people’s Promotions or Spam folder, and not their Primary (Inbox) folder. To fix this, please follow the steps below:



1   Look in your Promotions or Spam folder (or Social folder), and find an email from Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia.


2   Drag that email into your Primary folder (OR right click the email, select “Move To Tab” up the top, then select Primary)


3   Gmail will then have a pop up message saying “Conversation moved to Primary. Do this for future messages from…(I think it encrypts the email address)?”. Got to be quick though because the BLACK pop up window (see below) will disappear after about 5 secs if you do nothing.






4   Select Yes

It will then say “Future messages from… will be moved to Primary”.



  • This should solve the problem. From now on an email from Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia should always go into the Inbox (Primary).
  • As an additional measure, could you please add to your Email Contacts list.