Government Roadmap is a step forward, but it needs a carbon price





Government Roadmap is a step forward, but it needs a carbon price to get it moving.

The Technology Investment Roadmap is a significant step forward for the Morrison Government in its efforts to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions. It is seriously handicapped however, by the market-distorting effects of not having a price on the social costs of carbon pollution.  

By continuing to support the expansion of fossil fuels, the Government is cancelling out much of the value of the Roadmap’s significant investment. AEMO’s Integrated Systems Plan for the electricity grid charts a way forward with no additional gas required. Their expert advice should be heeded.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s National Chair, Rod Mitchell said “fossil fuels already receive an implicit subsidy through not having to pay for the damage their pollution causes to health, environment and the economy. Increased fossil fuel production will inevitably lead to more pollution. Only a carbon price can correct this market distortion by internalising the true costs of fossil fuels and enabling the Roadmap to do its work in reducing emissions”.

Any emission reductions brought about by the Roadmap would be significantly accelerated by a steadily rising price on carbon. CCL’s preferred method of carbon pricing is a Carbon Fee and Dividend where the net revenue is returned evenly to households as a monthly dividend. This approach stimulates the economy, boosts jobs in climate smart industries and saves lives from pollution. It could even guide the economy towards zero carbon before 2050. 

As a first step CCL is calling on the government to fully implement its Safeguard Mechanism as a way of pricing carbon emissions from a range of industries. 

Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers are currently contacting their MPs to call for a climate smart recovery, stimulated by policies like Beyond Zero Emissions’ Million Jobs Plan. The Plan demonstrates that more than 1 million jobs can be delivered in regions and communities across Australia over the next 5 years by investing in renewable technologies and energy efficiency projects.

CCL calls on the government to listen to expert advice, as they so successfully did in response to the pandemic. The climate crisis will overshadow the impact of the pandemic and the resulting recession and will require bolder and stronger actions as well as bipartisan collaboration.  

CCL believes bipartisanship is essential for building durable climate and energy policy. To this end we call on all parties in good faith to debate the Climate Act which will be introduced in November by Warringah MP, Zali Steggall.

“With a national 2050 target, an efficient carbon price and a Technology Roadmap without additional gas, Australia has every opportunity to become a leader in the global race to address climate change for a liveable world” Mitchell concluded.



Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy and education organisation, focused on advancing climate change solutions through democracy. 

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