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On this page you should find all the resources you’ll need for your CCL Group.

This year in 2020 we have seen a rapid rise in people joining CCL Australia. People want to take action on climate change through democracy and help accelerate solutions to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions and increase implementation of renewable energy projects. 

With an influx of new members, we are looking to expand and start new Groups in electorates that currently do not have an active CCL Group. There are 151 electorates in Australia, and we aim to have a CCL Group for every electorate.  

If there’s anything else you need, feel free to get in touch with






  • Nuts and Bolts of Lobbying:

Field Reports

Field reports are records of previous meetings with MPs in your electorate (when the meeting was, what was said, outcomes of the meeting). Contact Howard ( and he can send you previous field reports of meetings with your MP.



Group Leaders




PowerPoint Presentations


Introduction to CCL Australia (need to download 2 fonts to use. See CCL Brand Guidelines, Logos + Fonts below)



CCL Brand Guidelines, Logos + Fonts