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Here and now – CCL Australia News
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Are we following the Titanic?

Citizens’ Climate Lobby acknowledges
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Here and now

In a heart to heart with my wife yesterday, she explained her concern that I worry so much about the future that I may be forgetting the ‘here and now’. She has a point. Climate change realisation has that effect. Worrying about my grandchildren’s’ futures I am perhaps missing something of their presence.

I fear our politicians have the opposite problem. Driven to survive in the ‘here and now’ political world, there is little time to contemplate what the longer-term future may hold, let alone try to significantly change the direction of our ship. Keeping the passengers happy in the ‘here and now’ seems the only way to remain at the coveted helm.

Our Earth-Ship Society is locked on a path, driven forward by an addiction to cheap fossil fuel, with the engine room full of the wrong stuff but still getting “full speed ahead” signals from the bridge.

One role for CCL is providing binoculars to the passengers and crew, to the ship’s investors, and especially to the officers in charge, so they too can see the rough seas and obstacles ahead. Another is to befriend them, and offer advice on a better direction to take.

But that’s not enough. To communicate with those in control we probably need to focus too on the ‘here and now’  to help them see our carbon addiction for what it is.

Rod Mitchell is leading our National Conversation tonight on the subject – 8 pm AEST – see the advert below. I hope you can join us, hear Rod’s story and share your views.

Stay well in these trying times, and give a little thought for the ‘here and now’ in your life, while you join us persuading others to think more of the future.

Cheers      Tom


Tonight – Thursday 25 June

AUS National Conversation (online) @ 8:00pm

8 pm NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, QLD | 7.30 pm SA, NT | 6 pm WA

Join us to discussLobbying to end our addiction to fossil fuels: tough love on a global scale!” – our economy, society and political systems are hopelessly addicted to fossil fuels and all that they deliver. How does a deeper understanding of this aspect of reality assist us in our task of creating the political will for a liveable world? Your input will be important as we consider how we relatively minor addicts can influence the chronic addicts we need to reach in industry and politics. Hosted by Rod Mitchell. Rod has over 30 years experience in counselling and will share his recent research on addiction and fossil fuels. Click to join us on Zoom


Jenny’s Jottings

Bushfire Commission, by-election, bad news for Adani, good news for Australian (renewable) car industry

and always a good summary of the last week, thanks to Jenny


Turning 100

CCL’s Youtube Channel

Congratulation to Alissa in WA, who made the 100th subscriber last week. Thanks to Phillip Pomfret’s great editing skills we have been getting more and more great flicks to watch. With the Covid crisis getting us all on-line, people are starting to tune into our great new wealth of guest speakers and other local CCL videos. Here’s a hidden Gem. Sadly Tasmania’s kelp forests are dying – See the latest report from researcher Dr Cayne Layton, or browse the library for other great titles. Remember to subscribe and click the bell to be the first to learn of new recordings as they become available.


Upcoming events

Sunday 28 June (online) @ 1:30pm
ACT Canberra Monthly Meeting

guest Julian Cribb

“How We Can Best Survive the 10 Great Existential Challenges”

Join us on Zoom 1:30 pm AEST.
We will also discuss climate action for the Canberra Group.  All welcome. More info…

Thursday 2 July
CCL Hume Monthly Meeting

guest Dr Bec Colvin

researcher on the Climate Atlas project, as seen on Landline

“How we think about climate change and what this means for conversations”

 Join us on Zoom 7:00 pm AEST 2/7/20


 Looking for local resources?

like local training materials for how to lobby (thanks to Nicolas).

Of course, there are lots of resources and training material available on the CCL Community, and we are still developing our Australia specific materials, but for the growing selection of what we have, try searching our group resources page for what you need. Want to get involved with one of the national action teams to learn even more – ask us.


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