How High Can We Aim – CCLA News – Feb 2021

How High Can We Aim – CCLA News – Feb 2021

Before NASA’s achievement in 1969, “aiming for the Moon” might have meant aiming for the impossible.

Is aiming for zero by 2050, aiming for the moon? See editorial below.



Our Major Launch

Despite 2020 being an extremely challenging year, CCL Australia made incredible strides forward.

In 2020 we:

  • Grew Australia’s climate advocacy by 1,462 members and launched 7 new chapters;

  • Held our first ever online National Conference with over 70 attendees & addresses from NSW Energy Minister, Matt Kean & Independent MP Zali Steggall;

  • Initiated over 60 meetings with Australian MPs, Senators & their staff; and

  • After many hours of paperwork, CCL received status as a Deductive Gift Recipient (DGR). This means that any donation of $2 or more made to CCL is now tax deductible.

With the USA rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, CCL is optimistic that 2021 will be a turning point in the global fight against climate change. That is why we are excited to introduce you to the CCL fundraising team and to announce the 2021 Climate Solutions Fund.

The CCL fundraising team, led by Paul Deverell, has been hard at work in devising a donation campaign strategy for 2021. All donations will go to the 2021 Climate Solutions Fund, allowing us to appoint professional staff and enabling us to build new chapters, support new members and host climate advocacy events to increase our skills and understanding.

This is essential to reaching our long-term goal; by 2023, CCL Australia aims to have an active group of citizen representatives advocating for climate change solutions in every single Federal electorate in Australia. In order to achieve this, CCL will utilise the fund’s proceeds to employ staff and provide each chapter with the training & resources needed to enable our citizen advocates to make their voices heard.

Here are ways you can help…

  1. Donate:

Generous donations of $40 or more to the fund will go a long way in helping CCL tackle climate change in 2021. Regular monthly donations will be even more effective by giving us greater confidence to plan ahead. Please donate here. Also, feel free to share the link with friends and family and let’s see how many donations we can bring in!

  1. Give your feedback:

All donations will be received through a GiveNow page and we would love your feedback on the content of the page. You can view the page here. Please send your thoughts to

We thank you sincerely for your ongoing support and willingness to help!

Rod Mitchell           National Chair



Join our national conversation tomorrow

How Good is the Dividend?

Our political strategy team recently had a discussion about the EU’s carbon price and some of the challenges it faces in getting to a high enough price to fully represent the future cost of fossil fuel emissions. Five eminent economists from the EU  discussed the need for such a price but warned of the difficulty of passing the cost on to consumers and citizens. Not one of them mentioned the obvious solution – a dividend paid to households. It suggests that we should consider making a big deal of the dividend as a lynchpin of a future carbon price as it will increasingly come on the agenda under the influence of Biden’ climate policies, Johnson’s G7 and CoP 26 responsibilities and the EU’s intention to use border carbon adjustments or carbon tariffs. Lets discuss how we can promote the dividend widely and make it much easier for governments and business to accept carbon pricing.

Breaking news:

Ecological economist, ecologist, writer and philosopher Warwick Smith will be joining us on our national conversation this week to add his views on this vital subject. Warwick is Co-founder and Economist at the Castlemaine Institute , Research Fellow with progressive think tank Per Capita and an honorary fellow at the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He specialises in economic development, climate change adaptation and mitigation and circular economics.

Join us on tomorrow night    (Thurs 18th, 8pmEDST, 7:30SA, 7:00Qld, 5:00WA)

Rod Mitchell        National Chair



CCLA’s First 2021 Conference and Lobby Days

Intended for Qld, NSW and Vic groups, but all members welcome

CCLA’s first 2021 conference will be on Zoom on Sunday 28th March, with Lobby meetings organised with Senators and MPs in the weeks just after. Parliament is not sitting during the following 5 weeks so MPs should have a little time to meet with constituents. Each lobby meeting will be either Zoom or face to face, whichever suits best. The main focus of the conference and lobbying will be ‘How Australia can achieve Net-Zero Emissions by 2050’. Talks will provide details on how to lobby Coalition, Labor or Independent MPs and Senators and how to lobby local Councils. There will be a $10 admin fee on registration as a small donation to CCL to help in our new fundraising campaign.

Register now at Humantix and pop it in your diary.

Sunday 28th March, 1-5pm AEDT

Peter Todd       Conference Coordinator



Is aiming for zero by 2050, aiming for the moon?

Walking down the street today, seemingly catching the fumes of every vehicle that passes, and contemplating the fact that after 30 years of alarming warnings from the UN, emissions are still more than 50% higher than they were in 1990, I get the feeling our task might be impossible. Earths warming blanket gets ever thicker. However, we do appear to be at a cusp. Nearly all the major nations now agree they will reduce their emissions to zero in the next 30 years, and estimates show that we have at least commenced on that journey.

Measuring the air

Judging by the data available from CSIRO measurements at Tasmania’s Cape Grim, and the NOAA measurements from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, it appears to me the increase in CO2 emissions may have peaked in 2016. Alas the same can’t be said about the other, more powerful, greenhouse gases. Methane (natural gas) is increasing faster than it ever has. And we have a long way to go, the current rate of CO2 increase is still 57% higher than it was 30 years ago despite some serious assistance from Covid this last year.

But the best news of all is that Australia may be close to declaring it will join the other nations serious about reducing emissions and aim for net zero emissions by 2050. This is a tough ask for the Coalition, since it implies a 2030 target that is twice the reduction the Federal Government had been promising, and a rate of reduction 7 times faster than we’ve achieved over the last 7 years, from now until 2050.

And for that we need a price on carbon, like we had ten years ago, better still, not a tax but an Australian Carbon Dividend.

Tom Hunt          Editor and Regional Coordinator



Grasstops Pilot Gains Momentum

Several WA and NSW CCLers from a variety of electorates are taking part in the CCLA Grasstops Pilot programme and are loving it. It gives us the chance to hone our research and lobbying skills.

It’s been a great way to collaborate with each other. The WA Team is looking forward to getting our first meeting with a local business leader very soon.

When the Pilot stage finishes, and the program is rolled out, we thoroughly recommend getting involved with this in your electorate group.

Joyce Erceg       Group Development Coordinator





CCL Meets Celia Hammond, MP

John Gherardi (left) and other CCL members meet Celia Hammond MP (standing centre).

The global gold standard target for emissions reduction, NZE2050, was a central theme of this first lobby meeting for our Curtin WA Group this year. There was general consensus that the Government would likely adopt this before year’s end paving the way for CCL to advocate the necessity of a policy with a price on carbon with the associated dividend to all Australian households as per the Australian Carbon Dividend Plan and CCL’s own Carbon Fee & Dividend policy in order to achieve the target.

John Gheradi         National Secretary





Be ready for “The Carbon Challenge”

What dividend will you get?

The year is 2025. The Australian Government has just legislated a price on carbon at $50 per tonne, under the Australian Climate Dividend scheme. There is now an incentive for each and every Australian to reduce their individual carbon footprint, to maximise the dividend they take home. Every tax-paying Australian will receive a dividend of $1,310 per annum, and price increases due to the price on carbon are expected to be approximately $1017.50 per person per annum. This means every Australian, with the average carbon footprint (20.86 tonnes) will gain on average $292.50 per year by not changing their habits at all. Yet what if they reduced their carbon footprint by 5 tonnes, or 10 tonnes per year? It would mean they’d gain an extra $250 or $500 per year respectively! The challenge is on! The lower your carbon footprint at the end of the challenge, the more of the dividend you’ll take home!

Andrew Brown        Website and Events Promotion





“The climate this week”

Catch a weekly summary on the politics, economics and science of climate action

By Jenny Goldie, CCL member from the electorate of Eden Monaro, NSW

This week

  • More melting ice
  • US about to declare a climate emergency
  • Asia is moving too
  • Europe is preparing a carbon tariff
  • Debate of the 2050 target

Last week

  • Burning West
  • The rise of batteries
  • Not enough help for EVs
  • The fast-approaching end of coal





EPBC Act Review Update

Thank you again to Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia’s volunteers and supporters who made a personal submission, contacted their elected officials, and supported our national campaign for the 10 year review of the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

The Final Report also presents a big opportunity to continue advocating for sensible reform that preserves the climate for a liveable world.  We ask that you contact your Federal Member of Parliament and Federal Senators to ask for their support by enacting the recommendations.  Please refer to our guide for writing or calling your MP and Senators.

… (read the full article here)

Jordan Hodgson          Campaign Lead





Give the gift of life

Join Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia’s Lifeblood team

Whether you’re a regular donor of whole blood, plasma or platelets, or interested in helping save up to 3 lives for the very first time, you can now add CCL as your nominated Lifeblood Team with the Australian Red Cross. Every time you donate, it will count towards the Citizens’ Climate Australia team’s overall tally … (read more)

Jordan Hodgson          Lifeblood Team Champion







link to Tom Denniss presentationPresentation of the month

New potential for wave energy – Dr Tom Denniss

Dr Tom Denniss set a record in 2013 for the fastest circumnavigation of the world on foot, the 26,000 kilometres taking 20 months and 17 pairs of runners. Now, he has found a new challenge — in the water. His company Wave Swell Energy has created a prototype to harness the power of waves. The Wave Swell Energy (WSE) technology is based on the well-established concept of the oscillating water column (OWC). In this video Tom explains how Wave Swell Energy works.

See our CCL YouTube channel for more great CCL presentations.

Darren Helsby         Media Coordinator





Letter of the month

Congratulations to Emma Storey for her letter to Sydney’s difficult Daily Telegraph 10/2

Ok folks, holiday season is over, so it’s time to get back on track and keep the climate talk alive in the newspapers and maintain pressure on our pollies. In January, we had just 32 letters published (compared with 40 Dec, 55 Nov), but I guess we all deserved a holiday.

Here is the breakdown of letters published: Australian- 2, Daily telegraph- 2, Adelaide Advertiser- 7, Australian Financial Review- 3, In Daily- 2, SMH- 1, Northern Daily Leader- 4, Canberra Times- 2, Wagga Daily Advertiser- 3, Illawarra Mercury- 1, Border Mail- 3, Southern Highlands- 1, Melbourne Age- 1, Congratulations to all our published writers. For those who have not written, or have not written in a while, please have a go. You will never get published if you never try.

Interested to learn how? – drop us a line.

Corrine Ang            CCL Adelaide





Upcoming events

Don’t miss your favourite meetings

Starting with the National Conversation tomorrow.

Stay in touch through the Events Page











Some fun, climate change art

How would you depict the climate emergency using art? Cast your vote

A prominent Canberra building close to Parliament House, and the home of The Australia Institute, will be covered in a climate change-related mural.The building owner has commissioned an inspiring and engaging mural to bring attention to the chosen theme of climate change. Some 23 artists have submitted designs for public voting.Which design do you think best conveys climate change and the need for bi-partisan solutions? You see all the mock ups and can vote on your preferred choice at this website




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