Jenny’s Jottings 14 June 2020

Jenny’s Jottings

Jenny Goldie, CCL member from Cooma NSW, in the Eden-Monaro electorate, sums up her views and news on Australia’s week in climate change action*

You may not have felt it around here but, globally, according to NASA, May was the warmest on record, that is since record-keeping began in 1880. Category 5 Cyclone Annan which caused $15 billion in damages to India and Bangladesh in mid-May, was aided and abetted by the second warmest sea surface temperatures on record (see attached photo of Amphan).

If you would like a change from reading, listen to the following podcast about Antarctica. The Guardian’s global environment editor, Jonathan Watts, discovered during a recent scientific voyage to Antarctica how fast the continent is melting. It will require massive international co-operation to avoid the worst consequences.

The Climate Council is an excellent institution. For those of you unsure about the connection between climate change and bushfires, read its factsheet on it. And for those who missed its recent National Bushfire and Climate Summit, you can watch a 3 minute video or the full panel event that takes I hr 13 mins. Kerry O’Brien was host.

WWF Australia has launched a Renewable Recovery (from Covid-19) campaign. They are calling on the Federal Government to fund a $2billion renewable recovery/stimulus package, that includes five costed proposals. There will be a webinar on this Monday 22 June from 12-1pm. Monica Richter from WWF is speaker. Join via Zoom:  a few minutes early. 

As you know, the Prime Minister’s Covid Commission is pushing for a gas-led recovery to the economic crisis (never mind severe conflict of interest of most of its Commissioners). Climate Media Centre has provided a guide on the environmental and economic implications of developing new gas in Australia.

For those interested in my electorate of Eden Monaro – Here’s an invitation to join former world champion skier and Warringah Independent MP Zali Steggall in a webinar to discuss climate change in the context of the Eden-Monaro by-election campaign. It is Tuesday 23 June from 7pm to 8pm. This webinar is being organised by Climate Action Monaro and Farmers for Climate Action. The zoom 87525119181  RSVP Please join us!

As the flyer says, 14 candidates have nominated for the by-election. The Bega District News has done an excellent summary of the climate policies of nine of the candidates. You can read it here. The Eden-Monaro Environmental Alliance (which includes Climate Action Monaro) has sent a questionnaire to candidates and we will draw up a score-card by the end of the week.

All the best, Jenny

Jenny Goldie
President, CAM. and a Member of CCL Aust (Eden-Monaro)



Other news highlights

The world must seize this opportunity to meet the climate challenge   Andrew Bailey et al, The Guardian

As current and former central bankers, we believe the pandemic offers a unique chance to green the global economy

Why the Covid Commission’s “gas fired” recovery plan is doomed to failure   Bruce Robertson

Tasked with stimulating the economy post-Covid-19, the Morrison government’s NCCC has come up with a gas-based agenda. Here’s why it’s bound for failure.

BZE report says 50,000 sustainable jobs could be created in the Hunter

About 50,000 sustainable jobs could be created in the Hunter Region over the next five years as a result of a rapid expansion of renewable energy-based projects and zero-emissions industries, a new analysis has found.

Climate worst-case scenarios may not go far enough, cloud data shows

Modelling suggests climate is considerably more sensitive to carbon emissions than thought

Fast-growing mini-forests spring up in Europe to aid climate

Miyawaki forests are denser and said to be more biodiverse than other kinds of woods

How community-owned renewables could lead Australia’s Covid-19 recovery plans

Independent MP Helen Haines leading regional groups arguing community energy – including wind, solar and battery storage – should form major plank of Covid-19 recovery plans.

Australia’s big smelters could also be giant batteries, and go green at same time   Giles Parkinson

Perhaps the biggest, and cheapest, battery in Australia right now are the ones that we already have, and don’t quite know it – the huge smelters that account for 10 per cent or more of state demand in regions such as NSW and Victoria.

Adani losses hit $794m as insurers signal retreat

One of Adani’s insurers has said it is reviewing its policy towards fossil fuels, which raises further questions about financial backing of the venture.

Global wind and solar additions set new record in 2019, but more needed

Wind and solar additions surged to a new record in 2019, but experts warn that more will be needed to achieve Paris Agreement goal of zero emissions.

The U.S. can get to 90% clean electricity in just 15 years

And by 2045, the electric grid could be entirely renewable.

* Note that the views and wishes expressed in these blogs are not necessarily those of Citizens Climate Lobby Australia.
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