Jenny’s Jottings 18 May 2020

Jenny’s Jottings 18 May 2020

Four Corners on ABC-TV screened “The Climate Wars” this week                                      Image c/o
How brutal politics derailed climate policy in Australia.
Former chief scientists and senior public servants are no longer staying silent about what they believe has been a colossal failure by politicians of all stripes to comprehensively tackle climate change.

Jenny’s Jottings

Jenny Goldie, CCL member from Cooma, NSW, sums up Australia’s week on climate change action.


Not unlike the 4 Corners story above, Greenpeace Australia Pacific also launched this week a sequel investigation: Dirty Power: Burnt Country which exposes the malign effects of the fossil fuel industry on our democracy, even as the nation burned. Watch the video!

And again related, the organisation Fossil Fuel Watch is claiming the Government’s Covid Commission is stacked with fossil fuel company executives and gas “kingmakers” whose vision for Australia is framed by pipelines and fracking wells. You can read more here.

On a more constructive note, Richard Aedy has been running an excellent series on ABC Radio National called Hot Mess. If 8am Sunday is too early for you, listen to the podcast.

Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action (BSCA) is an important new group that deserves your support. You can join whether directly affected by fires or not. (I think we were all indirectlyaffected.) You can join on their website here.

BSCA is challenging the NSW Environment Protection Authority because it does not have a climate policy. Another interesting new group is Youth Verdict, an environment group which has challenged a proposed mega-coal mine on the grounds that it infringes on their human rights because of its contribution to climate change. The coal mine in question is Galilee Coal Project in central Queensland — a project of Clive Palmer’s company Waratah Coal. The story was carried on ABC-TV’s 7.30. Both BSCA and Youth Verdict are being aided by the splendid Environmental Defenders’ Office (EDO).

BSCA and the Nature Conservation Council (NCC) are two groups keeping an eye on the Eden-Monaro by-election. CAM is working with both and we will be sending all candidates – when we know who they are – a questionnaire then issuing a score-card. The Liberals are still undecided on their candidate and the Greens will have chosen theirs at the end of the week. Meanwhile, Karen Porter of the New Liberals has thrown her hat in the ring – she is critical of the Liberals for lack of action on climate change.

A not-quite-so-new group, Farmers for Climate Action (FCA) is holding a webinar tomorrow morning (Tuesday 19 May) on climate change, bushfires and community resilience. The great Greg Mullins is one of the speakers. You can register here.

And yet another group, School Strike 4 Climate, weren’t able to have their planned demonstration on Friday but they did it on-line with 50,000 participating!

Now here’s a picture to gladden your heart –

a solar farm that seems to go forever on Queensland’s Darling Downs. (Photo AAP). The idea of helping jumpstart the economy by also tackling the climate crisis is gaining currency across the political spectrum. See story by Adam Morton below.

All the best, Jenny

Jenny Goldie
President, CAM. Member of CCL Aust (Eden-Monaro)


Other news highlights

Seizing the moment: How Australia can build a green economy from the Covid-19 wreckage. Adam Morton
As the government prepares plans for economic recovery, investors and green groups alike say this is a once-only opportunity to move towards zero emissions.

Just how hot will it get this century? Latest climate models suggest it could be worse than we thought  Michael Grose and Julie Arblaster
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Australia’s reputation as solar leader under threat if ARENA funding not extended  Richard Corkish
Angus Taylor’s decision to halt government support for solar and wind research is so surprising because it puts Australia’s leadership under threat.

Cheap electricity is back, and the next casualty will be a coal fired generator  David Leitch
The recent decline in electricity prices is astonishing. And with 6GW-plus wind and solar about to enter the grid, the next big casualty will be a coal generator.

Map: Killer heat and humidity is emerging sooner than we feared
At a ‘wet bulb’ temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, a human can’t survive for more than six hours, even in shade and with water. We’re starting to see those conditions more and more frequently.

Experts warn of growing fossil fuel influence in Morrison’s Covid-19 response.
Environmental groups warn of the influence the fossil fuel industry is exerting over the Morrison government’s economic response to Covid-19.

Australia needs ‘fast-attack strategies’ to stop megafires forming, bushfire experts say
Exclusive: group of former fire and emergency services leaders tell bushfire royal commission rapid detection technologies are vital

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