The 5 Levers of Political Will


What is political will?


Politicians dont create political will, they respond to it


Political will is the clear demonstration of support at home from citizens, business leaders, faith groups, and local officials.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s motto is:

     “Creating the political will for a liveable world”

To be effective, it needs to be widespread and focused on specific steps Parliament can take e.g. supporting an Australian Carbon Fee and Dividend.




To generate political will, Citizens’ Climate Lobby employs our five levers:




Building relationships with politicians at Federal, State and Local level from every political party to communicate and generate political will:


•  Write to your MP.

•  Meet with your MP to build a relationship and promote climate solutions.

•  Become a liason with MP’s office.

•  Become an expert on climate change issues and solutions to prepare for lobby meetings.








Utilising media to increase CCL’s exposure, build a media presence and build relationships with members of the media to communicate and generate political will:


•  Write online articles and blogs.

•  Social media – share climate change news and updates, get active in discussions, utilise online marketing and exposure. Post interesting content to attract new members.

•  Podcast, radio and TV interviews.

•  Gain endorsements from members of the media

•  Newspaper and online press – write letters to the editor and opinion editorials. 










Building relations with the public by engaging with citizens about climate change and CCL to communicate and generate political will:


•  Tabling

•  Public speaking (education)

•  Organising events for recruitment 

•  Create or join action team












Building business and community leader partnerships to communicate and generate political will:


•  Meet with business leaders.

•  Meet with community leaders.

•  Seek endorsements.

•  Educate leaders on climate change issues and solutions.











Starting new CCL Groups and growing, developing and increasing effectiveness of active CCL groups to generate political will:


•  Organise monthly meetings

•  Group communication and organisation

• Group leader training

•  Mentor new members

•  Arrange guest speakers for monthly meetings to attract new members, as well as to educate and further knowledge of CCL members on climate change issues