Lobby days are here again!

Lobby days are here again!

CCL Australia’s zoom meeting, open to all members, is tonight, 8pm March 9. The link to meeting, and the dial in numbers, appear in the newsletter sent earlier this week – if you are a member and didn’t see it, search for the sender CCL Australia.

Excitement and enthusiasm are building for our Lobby Days on March 20-21, as they draw close, with appointments with MPs being confirmed and more volunteers signing up to attend. We will have a training day on Sunday 19 – these days are useful and fun as well. There will be some online training sessions for volunteers attending as well, and details have been emailed.

The first time I went to Lobby days, I thought it would be boring. How surprised I was to find I had a really good time. It did help the excitement to be right there are Parliament House when the drama of our current Prime Minister replacing the previous one began to unfold, and then to see the fait accompli the following day. I don’t imagine it will be quite so dramatic this time.

The State of the Environment Report (SoE) 2016 was tabled in Parliament on 7 March. The Summary Section is 128 pages long, so that might be the place to start. They have new digital access including this overview section.

Susie Fraser

CCL Berowra