10 November – Long-term climate laws – Anusha Witt

10 November – Long-term climate laws – Anusha Witt

In 2008 the UK Climate Change Act was enacted and at the time was said to be a forerunner in long term climate law, hailed by many as groundbreaking.

Now, the ‘Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action Regulation’ has just been politically agreed to by the European Union law making bodies and is set to become law this December.

Anusha Witt’s presentation to CCL will share some of the key features of both of these legislative instruments.

Slides available here. 


About Anusha Witt: After completing a bachelor in International studies, Anusha worked for the International not-for-profit ActionAid, a women’s and youth rights charity, in Sydney, Kenya, and in Bangladesh. Through ActionAid she has campaigned and advocated for youth and small-holder women farmers rights, and has been a trainer in campaigning, advocacy, feminist leadership, accountable governance and tax justice.  Anusha is a longstanding CCL Australia member who has recently completed her Masters in Environmental Law. Her dissertation research is titled ‘Long Term Climate Laws: A comparative Analysis of The UK ‘Climate Change Act’ and the European Union Regulation ‘Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action Regulation”.

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Actions for November

  1.    Share the new Carbon Fee and Dividend material – flyers and the CCL Australia video CFD explainer as part of our ongoing regular communications to: our local community action groups, local and national media, local government councilor(s), state and/or federal MPs and Senators
  2.  Letters to the Editor on climate are on a roll nationally thanks to CCL letter writing team – a burst this month that can also mention CFD will be good timing.