NSW / ACT Conference 2020

NSW / ACT Conference 2020
The NSW/ACT Conference was a great success, despite having to be moved online to ZOOM only a week beforehand due to precautions surrounding the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
The past few weeks have been a major adjustment period for us all, and we’re still getting use to life in the pandemic era. Despite the immediate troubles we’re facing, it was a truly uplifting experience to see so many climate-conscious citizens online at the conference, who are as resolute as ever to carry on with the cause.
Thank you again for joining us and engaging with the presenters and your fellow attendees.
In case you missed the Conference, or would like to watch it again, here are the videos and powerpoint presentations:



Jordan Hodgson: Acknowledgement, and Tom Hunt: Our Aims, Making Democracy Work. See the video here.


Climate Change Bill: Harrison Martin (advisor to Zali Steggall) spoke about the game-changing climate change bill soon to be introduced into Federal Parliament. To protect our economy and environment, the bill emphasises that Australia must have strong national plans to adapt to increasing impacts of climate change, to reduce and mitigate its risks and to leverage its opportunities. The Bill sets out a clear framework for national plans to be put in place and updated by the Australian Government, and for progress to be rigorously monitored and reported.

See the video of the talk here.


Understanding Bushfire Risk: Dr Marta Yebra, Senior Lecturer of Environment and Engineering at ANU, spoke about her research which uses space sensors which can quantify dryness of the landscape to predict future bushfire severity.

See the video of the talk here.


Lobbying: Prof Andrew Hopkins, Professor of Sociology at ANU, fellow of the Safety Institute of Australia gave a talk about lobbying politicians.

See the video of the talk here.



Intro to CCL: Dr Dennys Angove, a former CSIRO Principal Research Scientist, gave a talk on what Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia is all about. 

See the video of the talk here.



Electric Vehicles: Tom Hunt, former University of Wollongong Senior Manager and Systems expert, spoke about electric vehicles and sustainable transport.

See the video of the talk here.



We would really appreciate if you could spare a couple of minutes to complete this feedback survey about the conference.  We are always looking to improve and your opinion matters to us.


Crises, like the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 situation and the “slow-onset disaster” of climate change, can be transformative.  This, of course, is largely dependent upon the willingness of our leaders to take swift and decisive action that will preserve a healthy and livable world.
With your help, we will continue to do everything we can, at Citizens’ Climate Lobby, to create the political will necessary for effective climate solutions.
If you haven’t already, here are a number of quick climate change actions you can do right now to help:
  1. Join CCL and introduce yourself on the Australian forums
  2. Connect with your nearest CCL Group to take action in your community
  3. Sign the petition in support of Zali Steggal’s Climate Change Act
  4. Sign CCL Australia’s current online petition to Federal Parliament
  5. Check out the open Volunteer Positions on our website and contact info@ccl.org.au if you are interested in doing more with CCL
Even in this challenging time, there’s never been a better moment, than now, to be actively involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.