Our Roadmap – CCL Australia News – Aug 2020

Our Roadmap – CCL Australia News – Aug 2020



Please join us tonight

Thursday 20 Aug 8pmAEST
AUS National Conversation

A Celebration of Successes

As a first step in our upcoming strategic planning process we are gathering on Thursday night to recognise and celebrate our achievements and successes, so far.
We got some great feedback from the many supporters who filled out our survey form last month. They gave us very useful comments and some valuable thoughts about what we could be doing differently and better. One lucky supporter got a book prize in the draw we organised as part of the survey.
Next week we start the planning process itself under the guidance of Claudia Perry-Beltrame from Cunningham electorate near Wollongong. She brings years of experience and expertise and will guide us to a clearer sense of who we are, where we are going and how we are going to get there.
Please join our celebration and feel free to add your voice. We’d like to hear from you!

join in on Zoom 8 pm NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, QLD | 7.30 pm SA, NT | 6 pm WA


Our Three Campaigns

Part of the work that CCL Australia has been doing lately is devising 3 campaigns, to get the word out there about carbon pricing. The first cab off the rank is the Climate Smart Recovery Campaign, which is about letting our MPs and Senators know that we like what’s happening with the bipartisanship around COVID19, and that we want to see that applied to the climate issue too.

“Our aim is to help build support for a climate-smart recovery where the economic and climate crises are addressed simultaneously so that  economic recovery also helps ‘flatten the curve’ of greenhouse gas emissions”.

On this page on our website is some further information about the campaign, and most importantly a “What can you do?” section. It has a template to help everyone take part in our action, which is sending as many emails and/or letters to our MPs as possible. We want to highlight that we expect a “climate smart” response to the issues facing us today.

Personalise your email where you can, and remember the CCL “praise sandwich” idea. Everyone likes a bit of encouragement, even our MPs. Can you please let us know when you send your missive, so that we can keep a tally of them.

GL Coordinator Joyce Erceg














They all agree!

Did you see the Energy Ministers Summit earlier in the month? Click here if you want to see this very encouraging webinar. Why don’t you send your state or territory energy minister a big thank-you letrer. It seems every one of them considers renewable energy is the only way to go. A shame our federal minister couldn’t have been there too.




at the articles or letters to the editor in your paper?

Would you like a hand getting your letter published too. Learn all the tricks for making your voice heard at this critical time. Drop us a line to join the facebook letter writers group who regularly score published letters in some of the toughest papers, and it’s really not so hard.


Share our speakers

from the desk of your YouTube Editor

We’ve had several more excellent guest speakers present to us over the last month at various meetings, and have published the recordings to our CCL YouTube site for your enlightenment.

Please go to our site https://www.youtube.com/c/citizensclimatelobbyaustralia , subscribe and take in the feast.

Maree Nutt is the lead off presenter for our 3 Campaigns 2020 initiative and I recommend her short video “Climate-Smart Recovery 1. Writing to your MP”.

Or how about a positive uplifting presentation from “Beyond Zero Emissions” Drs, Dominique Hes and Natasha Dean.

Feedback on any of the videos posted is always very welcome.

If you would like to be involved in our YouTube editing team please come forward. No experience is necessary all training can be provided, and your assistance would be highly valued.

Youtube Editor, Phillip Pomfret


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Or do you follow a different channel – check out all our social media pages:

Our “Sub-Reddit” is just nearing the completion of it’s design phase but already we’re having success on promotion for both Aus and USA subscribers. Our priority is on building a platform for engagement.

Why don’t you connect up with your favourite social media channel and contribute to the positive, solutions focused conversations?


Also this week:

Sunday 23 August

ACT Canberra Monthly Meeting (online) @ 2:00pm

ZOOM – https://citizensclimate.zoom.us/j/7868786878        2:00pm AEST

Canberra science broadcaster Rod Taylor is giving a talk on “Coping with crisis: what I learned from ten Australians“. First it was drought, then fire, then plague, meaning Australia has been triple punched. Following Rod’s talk, the Canberra CCL chapter will be discussing upcoming lobbying of Canberra politicians in the lead up to the local elections. All welcome.



Keep an eye on our events page for local and national meetings.


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Volunteer Positions

Want to lend a hand with CCL Australia?

See the Volunteer Positions page on our website


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Photo c/o Tom: Carnarvon Gorge, Qld
Top image: Traffic at Arc de Triumph, Paris, c/o Tom
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