Partnering with CPLC: broadening our influence

Partnering with CPLC: broadening our influence

This month we joined with the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) secretariat in Washington DC and a handful of Australian CPLC partners on a video call. We are now part of a coalition that catalyzes action towards the successful implementation of carbon pricing around the world. This is an important step in our “grasstops outreach”: a step that connects us with a global range of players, who can help influence government and corporations towards an acceptance of carbon pricing.

This initiative was inspired by the important role the CPLC played in making Canada’s carbon fee and dividend legislation possible. CCL has been a partner in CPLC for many years and Joe Robertson, our Global Strategy Director has worked closely with them. The CCL International Outreach Manager Cathy Orlando – who spoke on our National call in March – described how effective was their joint effort in supporting Canada’s “backstop policy”.

We are setting up an Action Team to work with the CPLC Secretariat and other Australian partners like the Carbon Market Institute, to bring existing partners and potential partners together in dialogues, forums and workshops to advance the knowledge, expertise and understanding of carbon pricing in Australia. Bringing together leaders from government (State and Territory), business, civil society and academia to support carbon pricing may be the critical piece needed to make a national carbon price viable again.

In a month or two, CPLC Australia will be a reality and our volunteers will be able to meet with businesses, industry groups and MPs with a new ask and new resources to offer. It will also give a new dimension to our endorsements program that is now gathering momentum. 

If you are interested in contributing to this process please contact