Our People

Our people are what makes CCL Australia great. CCL volunteers love the group dynamics founded on principles of respect, inclusiveness and supporting each other.  Our active volunteers contribute to the many and varied campaigns, team actions and activities. And we are growing!

Your active involvement will help us achieve success by having active and diverse groups of volunteers in every Federal Electorate. Imagine having every Federal and State MP covered by a group actively creating the political will for meaningful climate action.



Our Structure


Due to our growth we have developed a new ‘Team of Teams’ structure. This consists of autonomous but interconnected National Teams (light blue dots) and Groups (green dots) in electorates or regions. As we transition we are moving from a management model to a collaborative coordination process. This means you, as our supporter, can have a direct input into how CCL Australia operates at our monthly meetings.


CCL's structure



Activities are member-driven, so your participation is not just valued; it is essential


Show or develop your leadership skills by leading a group or a team. Write media releases or submissions, hone your campaign or project management skills, learn how to do online facilitation, and many more.

The more volunteers actively participate, the more everyone can enjoy the experience and make a contribution meaningful to them.


If you’re keen to join us as a member or volunteer, click here.

You can read about CCL Australia’s board members and group leaders in the Our Team page.

You can also Donate to CCL Australia to super charge our growth and help CCL build the political will for a zero emissions Australia.