Send a card to your MP this Christmas

Why not send your local politicians a Christmas card this year reminding them of their responsibilities to protect their constituents and take urgent action to address the climate crisis.

Here are some words you could either write on your card, or print as a letter to enclose with the card.

Perhaps make it a nice nature based card and impress them with your style.

send it to your federal MP first and foremost. But no harm in also sending to state politicians. Go for it.

Its easy to find details about your local MP using google – try this search for your federal MPs address for example.

Sign at the bottom with your name (or names if a few people want to sign it) and include in brackets your suburb or town – so they know you are a constituent of theirs.

Send it as soon as you can. Dont worry if it wont get there for xmas – they will still be just as likely to read it – and probably best that the do on their return to work after the break.

Here is the winning entry in our little competition to write the ‘perfect letter’ – short and sweet, is wrapped with a little praise, but covers all the main points. Well done Rod Mitchell



Thank you for serving your electorate and the nation this past year.

And thank you for noticing that climate change is beginning to bite hard – on our community, our ecology and our economy. 

We look forward to a new year in which our nation finally unites, puts our collective shoulder to the wheel and works with all other nations in a friendly but determined race to net zero.

We are a clever and resourceful people and the carbon fee and dividend policy we propose can go a long way to unleashing those qualities to address the crisis we are now facing; and secure a better future for all Australians.

We trust that our extreme weather, drought and bushfire crisis will move you and all your colleagues to join together in facing the challenge, and engage in the rewarding process of collaborating to find the powerful solutions that are waiting to be implemented.

We wish you a happy Christmas and some rest before the big year ahead.


Creating the political will for a liveable world