Supporting Chapters to Grow… At Large

Supporting Chapters to Grow… At Large

Supporting Chapters to Grow… At Large

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 7 years, with supporters in almost all 151 federal electorates in the country.

It is one of our major goals to have an active, diverse chapter in each Federal electorate, with sufficient resources to support their development, by October 2023.

We recognise it can take an electorate chapter some time to become established and supporters in regional areas may not be as close to a chapter as they’d like to be.

That’s why in 2021, we are creating ‘At Large’ Chapters:

  • An At Large Regional/State chapter is where volunteers will be able to connect and work together across their state or territory to focus on moving their Members of Parliament forward.
  • Fledgling or smaller electorate chapters can also combine forces and resources with neighbouring electorates to form an At Large area chapter; until such time as an electorate chapter is ready to split off on their own.

In particular, two At Large chapters in WA have been wildly successful under this model.  Fremantle and Tangney chapters were joined by Burt, Brand and Canning—as the WA Metro South Chapter—to encourage each other, share relevant information and resources.  Hasluck, Perth, and Swan electorate are doing a similar thing, as the WA Metro East Chapter.

To support this approach, we are recommending all At Large and electorate chapters take advantage of the National Monthly Meeting (held on the first Sunday of the month).  It is a place where you not only hear from an interesting speaker, but also learn about the latest developments and take part in breakout sessions where you get to know other volunteers better.

  • You could organise with your chapter to meet in-person and join the National Monthly Meeting together, or choose to dial-in from home.  At the end of the main meeting, chapters will be able to then breakout to plan and organise upcoming activities in their area.
  • The more active and established chapters are certainly encouraged to continue meeting as they currently do, in addition to joining the National Monthly Meeting.

Our At Large chapters are ready and just waiting to be ignited, so contact your Regional Coordinator today.

We look forward to seeing you and your chapter at the next National Monthly Meeting on May 2.


Written by Joyce Erceg & Jordan Hodgson.

Jordan Hodgson is a Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia volunteer and lives on Darug Country, in Northern Sydney, NSW.