Taking care when attending non-CCL events

Taking care when attending non-CCL events

Taking care when attending non-CCL events

Dear Supporters & Volunteers,

With the national School Strike 4 Climate day of action tomorrow, the Board wishes to clarify Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia’s position regarding attending non-CCL events.

Naturally, we believe peaceful gatherings, strikes, protests, and rallies are a vital part of any healthy democracy.  And, CCL is demonstrably pro-democracy.

However, the CCL-way is to build political will through positive relationships with politicians, citizens, community leaders, business leaders, and media from across the political spectrum.  That’s why elected officials and their staff, from all parties say they are happy to see us — and mean it.

As CCL volunteers, we need to be thoughtful about how our actions reflect on CCL and our ability to build the political will that is vital for maintaining a liveable world.

Despite some setbacks, the government may enact new laws requiring registered charities, like CCL, to ensure our volunteers respect and adhere to State and Federal Laws.

For these reasons, CCL does not take part in, or actively promote events, where there is a risk of unlawful behaviour occurring that could reflect on us in negative ways.  We therefore ask our volunteers not to bring CCL banners or materials showing our logo, name, or website to such events.

This, of course, does not preclude our volunteers from choosing to participate in such events as the Global School Strike;  we simply stress they do not do so in any CCL capacity, role, or identification.

As our reputation and status as a registered charity are very valuable to us, we ask for your thoughtful cooperation in these situations.

With warm appreciation,


Rod Mitchell

National Chair

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia

Jordan Hodgson is a Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia volunteer and lives on Darug Country, in Northern Sydney, NSW.