The climate this week – 21 Jun 2021

The climate this week – 21 Jun 2021

A weekly report on the politics, economics and science of climate action

By Jenny Goldie, CCL member from the electorate of Eden Monaro, NSW.

Featured image: In a meeting focused on climate, the G7 established to stop international investment on coal by next year. Image credit: CSIRO (cc).

Encouraging pledges from the G7

Prime Minister Scott Morrison went to Cornwall for the G7 meeting and failed to convince anyone much that technology (as against reduction targets) is the answer against climate change. On the other hand, he did end up with an agreement with Germany on hydrogen-technology research. The G7 leaders did pretty well on coal but not quite well enough. They promised to collectively cut emissions in half by 2030 and to stop international funding for coal projects that lack carbon and capture technology by next year. They failed, however, to set a definite end date to coal burning.

The Nats run the show

Mr Morrison refused to set a definite target for zero net emissions for Australia, probably due to the opposition of his Coalition partners, the Nationals. Leader of the recalcitrants is Resources Minister Keith Pitt, who railed against climate activists at the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) conference in Perth on Wednesday. He accused them of attempting to “delay major projects and potentially cripple companies.”

Flip-flopping ALP

Meanwhile, Labor climate spokesperson Chris Bowen did well in Parliament by brandishing a solar panel and telling the Coalition not to be afraid (of renewable energy), just as PM Morrison had done with a lump of coal four years ago.

All this good work, however, was somewhat undone by Labor’s resources spokesperson, Madeleine King. Ms King mounted a defence of Australia’s gas industry at the APPEA conference, which included support for opening up new reserves “subject to independent scientific assessments and effective environmental regulation”.


Here’s another petition to sign: to stop 80,000kmof ocean being opened up for new oil & gas exploration. (The PM announced this from the safety of Cornwall.)


  • Beyond Zero Emissions held an excellentwebinar on Tuesday about Manufacturing in the Hunter. The recording is here.
  • Off-shore wind energy has huge potential to help achieve the energy transition. Unfortunately, good old Energy MinisterAngus Taylor is still failing to deliver national offshore wind laws to kickstart the industry. Email his boss, the PM here.

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