Volunteer Positions

All of CCL’s work in Australia is voluntary. We rely on people just like you and I to do all the wonderful stuff you see happening. It would be great to have your special skill or a bit of your time to help us make things even better.

If you’d like to go that step further and volunteer your time to help us with the inner workings of CCL Australia, we’d love to have you! See the positions below and contact the relevant team leader to apply. 

To be an effective volunteer you will need:

  • a base level of knowledge about CCL, our aims and strategies. The training available in our New Volunteer Guide is highly recommended before volunteering.
  • a commitment to success
  • good organisational skills
  • ability to liaise and communicate well with other volunteers, to respond and support each other
  • a reasonable amount of spare time
  • access to a computer and/or suitable mobile devices with internet access

And depending on the role, other attributes will also put you in good stead

  • training and experience in the related field
  • good writing skills
  • a friendly and enthusiastic disposition
  • good computer skills especially with certain tools relating to the role
  • a mobile phone
  • a great knowledge about climate change and/or potential solutions


Of course, putting up you hand is something you should not take lightly. We need you to be committed to help for a reasonable time, because we dont want to waste the time of other volunteers who are there to support you. We need to care for the backbone of CCLA by only adding limbs and muscles that connect and contribute to this wonderful body of work.

Other Skills?

If you have a skill or expertise that isn’t listed below that you think may be helpful to us, or you’d like to apply for a general volunteer position or join one of the Action Teams, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to:


Stopping climate change is an enormous task and we need your help to get us there. Every contribution large or small makes us stronger.


This vital team coordinates the development and growth of new active and effective groups in electorates across Australia. Our aim is to have a team in every one of the 151 electorates by 2023, so we will have every federal politician aware and listening, and we need your help to do that. If you think you can help identify, cultivate and support potential group leaders with mentoring, training and development, we’d love to have you on the team.

Positions available include:

  • Group Leader – Do you want to start a new group, or help an existing group leader in your electorate?
  • Group Development Assistant – Would you like to help people get new groups happening elsewhere?
  • Regional Coordinator or assistant – be there to encourage and support the groups in your region

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact us at volunteer@citizensclimatelobby.org.au


Our SE team aims to welcome and support new fellow volunteers, to encourage them to learn and engage with CCL, and to find their ideal role whether it be big or small, at the local or national level, so we can all contribute to the greater good using our skills to the fullest while enjoying all that we do.

This is a new and growing team. We are currently looking to fill these positions:

  • Welcomer – to welcome new members in your area and help them find their way
  • Roles Coordinator – helping volunteers find their ideal role in CCL
  • Communications Coordinator – to help us stay in touch with all CCL volunteers

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact

Team leader: Tom Hunt  email


This team aims to ensure that CCL’s promotional activities lead to increased engagement,  lobbying and funding to support the operations and achieve organisational and political goals.

Positions exist for

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Fundraising Assistant

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact

Team Leaders – Melisha Leggett:  email,   – Paul Deverell: email


The Grasstops team aim to educate, build partnerships with and gain the support of community leaders and non-governmental organisations, both nationally and locally to work towards achieving CCL’s political strategy. Specific actions include:

  • Engaging prominent or influential community, business, and industry leaders to show support for carbon pricing and the Australian Climate Dividend. This may include determining an action they can take to demonstrate strong electoral/State/Federal support for carbon pricing and ACD, and then working with the influencer to take the action.
  • Building coalitions with organisations working on similar campaigns.
  • Supporting local groups to approach, build relationships, and gain support from local leaders in their community. This may include seeking municipality resolutions from Local Government Areas.
  • Seeking declarations focused on industries, such as Breweries, Wineries, Agriculture, Seafood and Healthcare.
  • Overseeing volunteer use of Grasstops Engagement Tracker on Community.

Positions needed in this team include.

  • National Grasstops Assistant Team Leader
  • Business Outreach Liaisons
  • Community Outreach Liaisons

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact us at volunteer@citizensclimatelobby.org.au


Campaign teams are established by the Strategy Committee as required to progress our political strategy. Current campaigns include the 100 Days of Action and the Australian Climate Dividend campaign. . Teams disband after close of the campaign/ project.Members of these teams have a range of skills to deliver a campaign. These may include project management, technical know-how relevant to the particular campaign , media, communications, training, community engagement, etc.

  • Campaign Coordinators

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact us at volunteer@citizensclimatelobby.org.au


This campaign team plans and implements a conference and lobby month each September and supports volunteers with appointment-making, resources and training to ensure lobby meetings align with our political strategy and go as well as possible.

Positions needed

  • Conference organiser / assistant
  • Lobby meeting coordinator

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact us at volunteer@citizensclimatelobby.org.au


One of CCL’s key activities is to train new and current members on CCL’s approaches, values and methods for effective climate action. This team oversees all types of training, such as Introduction to CCL, Climate Advocacy Training as well as Core Volunteer Training. We also train new and current members on our 5 Levers for building political will. 

Positions available include:

  • CCL Trainer – Teaching Climate Advocacy and the CCL levers
  • Training coordinator – connecting volunteers with the training they need

If you are interested in these roles please contact

Team Leader – Bill Shute:  email


The Media team at CCL Australia covers a wide range of media related activities. Duties include writing, designing and sharing stories, promotions and news. Managing all of our social media accounts: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. We also have a very active News Press team that writes letters to the editor and op-eds to a variety of newspapers. The team also designs and maintains the CCL Australia website and edits presentation and training videos

Currently there are positions available for

  • Assistant Media Team Leader
  • Facebook – assistant Coordinator
  • Linkedin Coordinator
  • News and blog writers
  • Newspaper opinion & letter writers

If you are interested in joining the team please contact

Team Leader – Paul Ashkar:  email


The ICT team provides and supports the IT systems used to undertake the operational, educational and lobbying activities to achieve CCLA’s goals efficiently and effectively. Supporting the use of Salesforce ‘CCL community’, member data, Slack, MS 365 / Teams, Zoom, Action Network, Google Drive etc ) in accordance with approriate privacy requirements.

Positions available include:

  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Instructor – training new volunteers in the use of our applications
  • Web Domain Administrator – WordPress & Google Site
  • Slack Administrator
  • Document Storage Librarian
  • Action Network Administrator

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact us at volunteer@citizensclimatelobby.org.au


Board positions come up for reelection each year around September. To be eligible for nomination and election to the board, and to vote, CCLA supporters must also be paid up members of the incorporated CCLA body. For details, enquire with Secretary: John Gheradi  email 

The board is seeking to appoint the following positions:

  • Political Strategy Coordinator
  • Organisational Strategy Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact us at volunteer@citizensclimatelobby.org.au