Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve joined us. See below for all the information you’ll need to be an active CCL Australia member. 

If you haven’t already, please read About Us, Our Core Values and What We Do for some background info.


Here’s a quick summary list of how you can get active and involved with CCL Australia. Then see below the list for more detailed info.


1. Website – Head to our website www.ccl.org.au and try to absorb as much of the content as possible. 

2. Events – attend all or some of our events. Click here to see upcoming events this month. 

3. Group – at CCL, we believe that local action can lead to national results. Get active and involved with like-minded CCL members in your local area. Login to CCL Community. Post in your Group forum. You can also email people in your electorate and make contact with them! Or reach out to your State Regional Coordinator for help – see the Contact Us page. 

4. Lobby Meeting – plan a lobby meeting with an MP in your electorate with your fellow CCL Members, to advocate for Australian Climate Dividend and other climate change solutions.

5. Volunteer Positions – become an even more involved member by volunteering to help with the inner workings of CCL Australia. Click here to see a list of volunteer positions.

6Training – register and attend online training workshops to learn more about climate change and how to be a more effective CCL member. See our training page here.

7. News Press – read climate change articles, write letters to the editor, op-eds. If keen to join the CCLA News Press team contact Tom Hunt tom@ccl.org.au

8. Social media – check out our FB page, Youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter feed and more. Check out posts and comments and get active in discussions.

9. CCL Newsletter & Blog – read and absorb the latest Newsletter – see past newsletters here. Check out the CCL Australia Blog here.

10. Campaigns – we have our campaigns: Climate-smart Recovery, Building Support for Carbon Pricing and Build The Centre. Click here for more info.

11. Submissions – write submissions to climate and energy legislation bills. Contact Nico nico@ccl.org.au to join the Submissions Team. 

12. Slack – we have recently started using Slack to share media stories, information and ideas, as well as to coordinate CCL Groups and Action Teams. To join send an email to Jordan jordan@ccl.org.au 




CCL Groups


There are 151 Federal electorates in Australia, and we aim to have a CCL group for every electorate. 

Email your Regional Coordinator below to find out where and when your nearest CCL Group meets:


If there is not currently a Monthly Meeting for your electorate or nearby electorate, here is your opportunity to help CCL Australia expand! You can start a CCL Group yourself. Email our Group Development leader Joyce Erceg joyce@ccl.org.au  and she will be able to provide you with the support and help you need.

Login to CCL Community and start posting in the Forum and contacting other CCL members in your electorate to see if you can get them interested in a monthly meeting. If not there may be CCL members in nearby electorates who are interested in starting a group. Send an email to your Regional Coordinator and they will be able to help.

If you are successful in starting a Group in your area, please let us know by emailing your Regional Coordinator. Thanks!

Use your voice to be heard, and transforms yourself from a spectator into an engaged citizen to reveal the true nature of democracy!



CCL Community


CCL Community is where CCL Members can create a profile, post in a discussion forum with other CCL members in their electorate, and also contact all CCL members Australia-wide. In your welcome email you would have received your Username and Password. Click Login to go straight to the CCL Community login page.

Australia Group

Once you login, this is the first page you will arrive on. Here there is a General Forum where you can start a discussion with all CCL members Australia-wide.

Electorate Group

If you’d now like to go to the forum for your electorate, click on “My CCL Dashboard” in the top menu on the left. This will take you to the main International dashboard. Click on your electorate group under “My Community Groups” on the left menu.

Now you’ve arrived at your electorate group. With the menu on the left you can:

• Forums – post in a topic or start a new topic to have a discussion with CCL members in your local area.

• Members – here you can see all of the CCL members in your electorate. You can add them as a friend or even send them an email. 

• Events – this lists the events for your Electorate only. To see all CCL Australia events please see our Events page which lists all the meetings and events for the month.

Member Profile

Click on your name in the top right hand menu. This will take you to your Member Profile. It would be great if you could add your photo (so people know who to look out for at monthly CCL group meetings!) and write a little bit in your Bio on why you joined CCL and what climate change means to you. 


For a full Training Guide for CCL Community click here.





CCL Australia uses ZOOM for our online meetings and talks.

ZOOM is a web-based video conferencing application that allows users to meet and chat online.

You can sign up with ZOOM for free by clicking this link https://zoom.us/signup and then downloading ZOOM.

Or, if you’re in a rush and a CCL meeting or talk is just about to start, click this link https://citizensclimate.zoom.us/j/7868786878 which will take you straight into the CCL meeting! 

For more info about ZOOM click here.





As well as meeting each month in our local CCL groups, we have larger events throughout the year. Every CCL member has the opportunity to attend two larger conferences:

Regional Conference – each state or territory has their own Regional Conference each year in their capital city.

NATIONAL Conference – there is a National Conference in Canberra each year where all our members from around Australia are invited to join.

Each Conference includes 1-2 days of training followed by MP meetings in Parliament House and in electorate offices, where our volunteers meet as many Members of Parliament and/or their advisers as possible.

There we discuss our Australian Climate Dividend policy; advocate for a Parliamentary Friends of Climate Solutions, and most importantly hear and note MP’s views on climate change and climate policies.

These ‘lobby days’ meetings then lead to opportunities for subsequent meetings with MPs and staff in local electorates.

To see all upcoming Events happening this month in 2021, click here.



Online Talks and Meetings


Each month CCL Australia holds national web-based talks and meetings using the ZOOM Video chat platform:


•  Monthly Guest Speaker – Each month we have our Monthly Guest Speaker event: a national talk by a speaker who discusses an area of expertise relating to climate change. Following the talk we divide into groups to discuss the issue.

The Monthly Guest Speaker talk occurs on the 1st Sunday of each month.

•  National Conversation – each month we hold the National Conversation – we nominate a current news topic related to climate change for discussion. Hosted by our National Coordinator Rod Mitchell, join CCL members from around Australia to share your thoughts and opinions.

The National Conversation occurs on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

To see upcoming talks this month click here.



Volunteer Positions


At CCL Australia we have all of our members, who are active within their electorate and at a national level. We also have members who go a step further and help out with Admin, Media, Design, Training and Education. 

If you’d like to go that step further and volunteer your time to help us with the inner workings of CCL Australia, we’d love to have you!

Stopping climate change is an enormous task so we need all the help we can get.

To see our list of Volunteer Positions please click here.





Online Training


CCL Australia offers frequent online training for members. Every week CCL International holds global web-based training using the ZOOM platform. There are 3 levels of training available:


Informational Session

Learn more about Citizens’ Climate Lobby and how you can make a difference in creating the political will for legislation that will put us on the path to reduce the emissions that are changing our climate.

Climate Advocate Training

Going beyond the Information Session, Climate Advocate Training will not only teach you about Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s methods and visions but also inspire you to find your role so you can hit the ground running.

Core Volunteer Training

Join CCL volunteers from around the world in a 12-week learning program designed to help connect you with our larger network and drill down into specifics in the many ways you can take your climate leadership to the next level with CCL!


Click here to find out more information about online training for volunteers.



Social Media


We connect with each other and others on social media to discuss climate change news, ideas and strategies.

Click on the icon below to be taken to the CCL Australia social media site for that platform.