Pocket money: what if a carbon price meant more, not less?

Have you been invited to chaperone students in your family as they go ‘on strike from school’ for part of Friday some place near you? You might be surprised to know there is a historical story behind this Friday’s global climate-protest – read more here.

Many CCL members will be in the position of being asked to attend this event by a student they care about –  as grandparents, as great aunts or uncles and a few as parents. The safety of children, afterall, is a key reason why we do what we do, to meet MPs and community leaders to advocate accelerating effective climate solutions.

You may be thinking that ‘Price carbon’ may be a tough, dry slogan for a youthful show of concern like this. And we know that as conservative voters many CCL members and supporters may never have been to a protest of this kind. But CCL volunteers gave ‘placards design’ a go anyway. And we are pleased to say we quite like the result: ‘What if a carbon price could put money in your pocket?’  – we hope you do too.

Click here for single A5 $100 postcards, here for 4 per page on A4 $100 fliers ready to print and cut, and here to download some placard ideas you could print.

AusCarbonDividend placards

Why not print several and hand them around to those without a placard? Most people will appreciate the offer and then think about the message too. Home printing or hand painting are all options that will work or splash out at the local print shop. Plus here is a handy link to some of the kid’s posters.