What We Do

As a community across Australia we are involved in a number of activities to take action on climate change:


Monthly Meetings


CCL Australia believes that local action can lead to national results, therefore a big part of what we do is meet up with like-minded individuals in our local area to discuss climate change issues and then plan effective action to promote climate solutions.

When you join CCL Australia, you are placed into a CCL Group based on the House of Representatives electorate for your state or territory e.g. if you live in Randwick in Sydney, you would be placed into the “AUS NSW Kingsford Smith” Group.

Each CCL Group does the following:

  Monthly Meetings – meets face to face once a month in their local area to discuss climate change issues and strategies.

  Lobbying – discusses the best ways to engage with local MPs, community leaders and media within their electorate – our aim is to write to, meet and talk to leaders and the public in our local area to promote our Carbon Fee and Dividend policy and other climate solutions. 

  Guest Speakers – we often have guest speakers attend our Monthly Meetings to discuss an interesting topic related to climate change to broaden and strengthen our knowledge on climate issues. Guest speakers we have had in the past have talked about topics such as “Embodied carbon in buildings“, “Electric vehicles” and “PV Projects in NSW“.

  Online – each member can post and discuss issues in the online forum of their electorate using CCL Community. CCL members are also very active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. CCL Group members can also contact and connect with each other with climate change news, ideas or strategies.




As well as meeting each month in our local CCL Groups, we have larger events throughout the year. Every CCL member has the opportunity to attend two larger conferences:

• Regional Conference – each state or territory has their own Regional Conference each year in their capital city. 

• NATIONAL Conference – there is a National Conference in Canberra each year where all our members from around Australia are invited to join. 

Each Conference includes 1-2 days of training followed by MP meetings in Parliament House and in electorate offices, where our volunteers meet as many Members of Parliament and/or their advisors as possible.



Online Talks and Meetings


Each month CCL Australia holds national web-based talks and meetings using the ZOOM Video chat platform:

  Monthly Guest Speaker each month we have a national web-based talk by a special guest speaker who discusses an area of expertise relating to climate change. 

  National Conversationwe nominate a current news topic related to climate change for discussion. Hosted by our National Coordinator Rod Mitchell, join CCL members from around Australia to share your thoughts and opinions.


Online Training


CCL Australia offers 3 levels of online training for our volunteers:

Informational Session

Learn more about Citizens’ Climate Lobby and how you can make a difference in creating the political will for legislation that will put us on the path to reduce the emissions that are changing our climate.

Climate Advocate Training

Going beyond the Information Session, Climate Advocate Training will not only teach you about Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s methods and visions but also inspire you to find your role so you can hit the ground running.

Core Volunteer Training

Join CCL volunteers from around the world in a 12-week learning program designed to help connect you with our larger network and drill down into specifics in the many ways you can take your climate leadership to the next level with CCL!


Social Media


We connect with each other and others on social media to discuss climate change news, ideas and strategies.

Click on the icon below to be taken to the CCL Australia social media site for that platform.